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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Old photos

I was going through some old photos and thought I'd share some with you. Coz I'm a good sharer as you can probably guess now! I've done challenges before as I've said, not sure what this one was for but it was a long time ago considering I cut the bathers up in my before shots. I had painted a woman lying on the beach and did some fancy schmancy thing of sticking my old bathers on her as her bathers. I hadn't even had Bridie when I did that art class. And she's 10. I of course did the classic put my chin to my chest here. And my husband must have taken the photos, this must have been back in the day when I was ok with him seeing me half naked! I don't think I was that huge in hindsight though it's hard to tell with the quadruple chin. The after pictures are much nicer though I didn't wear undies or bathers in those shots. Here's the before one
Here's the after shots
Now here's a couple of me on my honeymoon. You'll notice that I was covering my gut in one of them because I clearly thought I looked fat in the picture. When I look back on them I was so bloody skinny. Just to show we're our own worst critics!

For some reason I have put .4 back on. I didn't drink as much water as I should have yesterday because I was in and out and didn't want to need to wee on a walk or in the Supermarket. That wouldn't have made me put weight on though. So I'm thinking it must be something to do with hormones because I seriously have done nothing wrong this week at all. I was hoping to get over 1kg but now it's down to .4 this week and I weigh in again tomorrow. At least I know I've done all I can (except I know I have to start getting serious about exercising) food wise. Hopefully it will show up next week.

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