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Saturday, 21 February 2015


I've realised that I'm very up and down with my weight. You're not meant to weigh in every day, I absolutely know that, but for me I can see what I've been doing and be more aware of why I may not lose or even put a couple of points on. Again, I was on my way to an excellent weigh in, losing 0.9kg by Friday morning. Then I put on 0.2 by Saturday. Fridays I go to art class in the morning. I don't drink as much water as when I am home though I still have my bottle on the way to art class. I normally have another when I am home. I also forgot to take my fruit with me for morning tea. Then I went to visit a friend for a lovely massage so had my shake all ready for lunch but again, didn't eat fruit. I had fruit when I got home when it should be dispersed throughout the day. And I didn't have the fruits that are on the plan so I'm thinking that the ones I had may be more sugary, such as grapes. I have had a few nectarines too so will ask Ray Kelly about the sugar content of these. So all little things but still there.
Yesterday was Saturday. I always drink an extra decaf coffee on the weekend mornings because I don't have to drive so don't have to worry about the wee factor. Mind you I lost a point by this morning. Despite the fact that I was a naughty girl last night. We were getting fish and chips for dinner, I had in my mind that I'd get the grilled fish, knowing it was the right choice. Instead I went halves in a souvlaki with my 10 year old daughter Bridie. And oh my God it was delicious! Now I could fudge around it because technically I am now allowed to have chicken wraps with yoghurt. So it was probably a much more fattening wrap but I only had half. And I did have lamb instead of chicken but it was done on a spit. And it was yoghurt but probably full fat. And it did have tomato, onion, garlic and lettuce in it. Well actually no lettuce. But the reality is that it was a naughty choice but one I almost felt compelled to make. I have a tendency to make something and love it so just keep making the same thing again. I am limited for choices on the challenge. Stage 1 is chicken or fish with salad or veggies. Steamed or grilled or barbequed. Stage 2 has a few other things added in but the only one I've really incorporated so far is the kecap manis which is the sweet soy sauce. And I've been having it most of the week. Sometimes with chicken, sometimes with fish, varying veggies. The thing is with soy sauce though, it all tastes much the same. I had this on Friday night and by the end I was nearly gagging I was so over it. I didn't get a chance to go to the shops and truth be told I couldn't be fagged thinking about and planning a meal that I hadn't had before. So, rather than go a Lean Cuisine meal which I now know would be a bad choice on this program, I went for the easy option and chose my now usual meal. So I had a souvlaki because basically I was over what I could eat. And the positives were : I only had half, I didn't have my usual 2 helpings of chips with chicken salt, I didn't have my usual dim sim and scallop and I didn't have a glass of soft drink. The kids were happy we were eating together and I loved every mouthful. So there! And today I will shop and love my new meals I can eat and I shall remember to mix it up!
My exciting news is that I am looking in to getting a treadmill. And once I have said treadmill I am going to start doing Ray Kelly's program which is similar to the couch to 5 k program. I'm going to set up a team to do the Mother's Day Classic which is a run for charity to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. You can walk 5.5 kms or you can run 5.5 kms. I'm going to shuffle/run! I know, right! I can't believe it either. Mother's Day is the weekend after my challenge finishes. I figured it was good timing. I think I will have lost over 20 kilos by then so have under 10 to lose. The plan was to have the day off, have my bacon in the morning, pizza at night (hopefully half shared with hubby) and something that I heard about the week I started the challenge, a Lindt chocolate pudding! Then get right back on track on the Monday. Now I'll be running 5 kms in the morning instead! Mind you it starts at 9 so depending on how fit I am by then I might still be back in time for a late breakfast in bed. I'm actually really excited. I have friends who are going to join me and it's another good goal. And I'm good with fundraisers. I shaved my head a few years ago, it spurs me on to be committed to a cause and of course to be public about it (surprise!)
So hopefully I'll still be losing my kilo this week. I'm at 0.8 kg so far and I've got 2 days to go. So a little rise (which I seem to have every week) before a drop again. And no damage done with my half a souva. Now I'm off for a walk!

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