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Monday, 16 February 2015

12 kilos down, 18 to go

12 kgs down is a slight exaggeration but it Rapid Loss speak that's what it is! Once you go under a number the profile rounds down the number to even though I'm on 93.9 still it calculates it as 93. So I'm all good with that! I have still been weighing myself every day, I know you're not meant to but it's not making me slip up at all so there you go. I just can't help myself! I was down to 93.6 yesterday so it's interesting to see and assess why I would have gone back up. My edumicated guess would be because I had some nurofen for my stuffed shoulder and it has retained water. And that's ok because I now know that that will subside and I will lose it within the next few days. I fit into yet another favourite dress this week so very happy about that. Here's today's pictures in comparison to last weeks. I think front on I am slimmer on the sides but side on my tummy looks a bit bigger, despite my knickers being up higher! This week is first, then last week shall be second.

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