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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

93.2 kgs

So I've lost my little bit of extra weight and a bit more, making my total so far since Tuesday 0.7 kg.  I'm 0.2 away from 12 kilos lost, getting closer to the half way mark, 3 kilos to go and I'll be 15 down, 15 to go! Of course the last half will be more difficult than the first. After my massive loss in the first week it's certainly slowed down, but I'm still rapt with approximately 1 kilo per week. And as you get closer to your goal weight it slows down a bit. Still, I can't believe I'm actually talking about getting closer to my goal weight! Only a few short weeks ago I was saying that I had 30 kilos to lose, now I've skipped through the 20 kilos to lose stage and on to the teens. Yippee!
I'm at that wonderful stage where people are noticing that I've lost weight. For some people they hate this stage as in the attention, for me it just spurs me on. I have run into people who can see how much I have lost. Sometimes they are people who know that I am on this journey, and sometimes they don't. I have found people who are sceptical of shakes to be the most interesting. Their dilemma is that they want to scoff at the shakes but they can see the difference in me so they can see me as the proof that they do actually work. Not only have I been told that I look like I've lost weight, I've been told my skin look better, and I know I'm walking much straighter and prouder, and certainly faster. I almost have a strut! Compared to pulling myself out of the car with back pain and shuffling when I walk I much prefer this new me. I do wonder whether these doubters will say to themselves 'yes she may be doing it now but when she stops she'll put it all back on again.' I'm not saying that everybody thinks that way at all. But you know what it's like, some people like to make themselves feel better by bringing others down in their mind. Not on purpose necessarily. I was the same. I would encourage my friends who had given up smoking to have one with me. Or to have a drink if they were having a break. Or to have a chocolate if they were on a diet. Because I automatically thought that they were judging me for still smoking, still getting pissed, still eating shit. But you know what, I don't do any of those things so all those years I was wrong. I don't care if people drink, smoke or don't lose weight. Each to their own. It's not like we aren't aware of what we're like. I knew I had a drinking problem, I knew smoking was bad for me, I knew that I was overweight and out of condition. When I gave up drinking I had lots of people laugh and say 'yeah right, let's see how long you last.' Nearly 9 years later it was the best decision physically that I ever made. So thoughts such as that don't bring me down and make me doubt myself, they make me want to prove the doubters wrong! I am turning it all around, I am not going to fail and I am going to be positive. And I'm giving it my best shot. Like they say with giving up smoking, each time it gets a bit easier. I know what to do when I get down to my goal weight, I just have to get there. And I will!

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