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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Weekend with the girls 95.4

I've been away in Mornington with some of my autism support group. What a lovely weekend it was! Three of us went down on Friday night and two others met us down there on Saturday. I had a plan in mind and I pretty much stuck with it which I was really pleased with. There were things I ate that weren't on the Rapid Loss plan at all but they were healthy choices.
We got down there quite late on the Friday as far as dinner was concerned, by late for dinner I mean after 8pm. Thanks to my directions and missing turnoffs due to too much talking and hilarity we got lost at one point while picking up one of the girls! We made it though and what a beautiful place it was to stay in. It's called Nelson Cottage and I can highly recommend it.
We got down to the main street to walk and suss out what was available. I'm really conscious of trying not to push what I can have on to others, it's my journey and not their responsibility so I tried to say I'd adapt to where we went, with the exception of places like noodle bars which wouldn't have any choices that would be suitable. We ended up at a Chinese/Thai place and I opted for the omelette. It was lovely but huge and very salty. It was one of those things that as I started eating it (I was ravenous after 2 shakes and fruit for the day) I was in love with it, but half way through I knew I had had enough. Maybe my tastebuds are recognising sodium overload? I didn't have the oyster sauce on it which I was glad of. The other girls got meals to share, I half wished I had had just chicken and veggies done in sauce but I was thinking there would be less sauce/salt in an omelette, in hindsight maybe not. Anyway, I only ate half and I was pleased with my realisation that I could a) recognise when I was full or had had enough and b) that I could get over my 'I've paid for it, I have to eat it all attitude.'
Saturday we went to the Red Hill market which was fabulous. The only problem was that the food all smelt amazing and by all accounts tasted amazing. I had my shake before I went and had an apple. It still didn't cut it with all the lovely smells. On a normal day I'd be driving to school and back in that time, coming home to a house that didn't smell delicious, and getting on with my day. But they had paella and homemade breakfast souvlaki type things that the other girls had and I wanted one so badly! I had nothing though, just sipped my water as I nearly ran past these areas! We took some fresh things home for lunch, I picked up some mountain bread wraps and had them with grated carrot, tomatoes and a basil dip which was lovely, with fresh berries for afters. Dinner I was pretty happy with my choice too. I purposely chose something that I knew wasn't on the RL program, they had Greek salads with chicken, prawns or lamb and I chose the lamb. There has been no red meat on the program at all but it was chargrilled and it was lean so I thought as I was away it was a good 'naughty' choice. I also had tzatziki on it which made it even more delicious. Sunday breakfast was poached eggs on toast with spinach, tomatoes and some other things, can't remember what, but all healthy. I am a fussy old bugger and was disappointed that my eggs weren't runny at all and told the waiter this (much to the embarrassment of my friends I think) but it did say 'soft poached eggs!' Still I ate it up. And it was still delicious. Because it was a good sized meal I decided that that would be my meal of the day, especially as it had veggies in it. Oh and I had a naughty but yummy cappuccino too.
If I was doing weight watchers still there would be nothing wrong with what I ate on the weekend. I don't think it did any harm at all, even though the scales showed a slight increase of .3 kilos. In the old days it would have been more like an extra 1 or 2 kilos as I would have said stuff it and eaten whatever the hell I wanted. I'm not only happy with my meal choices but I'm happy with the things I decided not to have. No choccies or sweet things whatsoever, even though there was a box of Lindt given to us by the hosts, no drinks at meal times other than water, except for Sunday breakfast. No snacking other than my fruits. And no yummy stuff at the markets! So I did it!

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