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Friday, 30 January 2015


I had my stats wrong when I wrote the other day, I thought I had lost 9.5 but it was actually 9 kilos. It's a little confusing on the Rapid Loss progress page because as soon as you are under a number it's calculated as a kilo. So if I was 96 and lost to get to 95.9 it would say I had lost 10 kilos even though it's actually only 9.1kgs. Anyway, it doesn't matter, it's going down! Another .4 this morning so .8 this week so far (weigh in in 3 days so I should make my 1kg) and 9.4 altogether.
I'm getting back into routines of school runs, only the last day or two so this week will be the big tester. More so if I can keep up my water intake. Driving a lot makes me panic a bit as I have always weed a lot anyway. I know they say that your body gets used to it so hopefully it will and I can start adding more. I'm trying for at least 4 bottles of 750ml, one on each drive, one in the middle of the day, one when I get home. I also wee a lot during the night so try not to have it too close to bedtime either.
I saw my gorgeous osteo this morning who said she thinks I look different and that my skin is softer which was lovely. She sees more of my body than most so she would know. Oh hang on, you've all seen it now too haven't you?! Not so close up though. I think my front on view has changed a little too. I'm not so big on the sides, they're evening out a little instead of being bulgy above my knickers and bulgy again below. It'll be interesting to check out in the photos on Tuesday.
So I'm battling along. Again, the support on the Rapid Loss Forum is so valuable. I remember when I went to weight watchers, they said that the success rate of dieting alone or dieting support were so different, it's so important to have that support. It's great to connect with others who are going through exactly the same thing. And Ray Kelly himself is on there a lot, he's a funny fellow actually, we all have a bit of banter which is nice. I'm still a bit of a newby so haven't been around as long as some of the others but of course I'm making myself known!
Speak soon xx

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