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Monday, 23 February 2015

Week 6 weigh in 92.6 kilos

Well I've still got 10 weeks to go and I've lost 12.4 kilos so far. That's only 2.6 kilos to the half way mark. I did well this week, losing 1.3 kilos. I was very pleased with that, it was the week of the half souvlaki but other than that I've been really good. Earlier in the program I had had a lite soup here and there and had been told of the sodium making me retain the weight. As I know I'm going to probably start to slow down I am doing things by the letter. No quick fix meals, making sure the exercise is going, and increasing. I want to at least maintain my 1 kilo a week, more would be wonderful though.
At this stage the plan is to complete my 16 weeks, do the Mother's Day Classic, do the Mother's Day treats for dinner, and get back on track on the Monday. I'm going to start on Stage 3 then which means you reintroduce fairly normal foods for dinner. I still plan on shaking it for breakfast and lunch but will slowly see how I go with modified versions of what the family eat. Which I've done before. There are lots of healthy versions to meals. Mexican can be filled with lots of salads, burgers can be made with wholegrain rolls and salads. Not that my kids eat lots of crap all the time, but it still has to be stuff they like! They have to choose from the veggies that I put out for them, which is a step up from refusing to eat them. Or in my son's case, sitting with a bucket because he'd dry retch even before it got to his mouth! I think this is a good experience for all of us. Have a healthy respect for food.
So here are my this weeks shots first followed by last weeks shots. And just for fun I think I'll put in the first weeks too! I'm not sure that there's that much difference between last week and this week, just that my knickers seem to go a bit further now! I have noticed a big difference in what I am wearing though so it is coming off somehow!




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