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Saturday, 14 February 2015

93.9 - 1 kgs down this week with 2 days to go!

Hi everybody! As you can see I'm pretty stoked about my loss so far this week. I've had a good week, much the same as others I guess but getting back in to the school routine and making sure that I'm prepared for most occasions. I haven't had many social occasions, there has been a couple but they've been saying no to snacks rather than having to substitute meals so that's been ok.
I had some lovely comments during the week which spurs me on to do even better. I was wearing my workout clothes and was doing pickup. One of the lovely mums who I am friends with told me how skinny I looked. I went in to do my usual half time wee and to fill up my drink bottle and I looked closely in the mirror, realising that she's right. Not skinny in the true sense of the word but skinnier than I certainly had looked. Because I wear flowy style dresses normally she hadn't noticed it before. Which made me get to thinking, others on the forum were talking about how loose their clothes were getting and how they could get into the next size down but I wear the loose fitting dresses that will fit you no matter what. I went home and tried on a dress that had been in my wardrobe for 2 years since I bought it online. I had been so disappointed that it hadn't fitted me as I loved it. I tried it on last week and it was still too rounded on my tummy, but this week it looked pretty good! Still a bit tight but it has a nice pattern on it so it's more forgiving that I thought. The boobie (that ones for you Antje!) holders are ridiculous though, no bloody room at all. I did contemplate going without a bra but I think the girls would have fallen out! As the day went on it seemed to get worse. Here's a photo. It's a bit dark but you can get the picture hopefully.
I was trying to think of something different that I could have on days when the rest of the family gets takeaway. I've been used to having a break from cooking on those days or when Paul cooks on the weekends but as was pointed out on the forum, I have to watch things such as too much sodium so that cuts out the Asian style easy meal soups. I shall make up a soup base this week that is in the recipe book and freeze portions so that I can make an occasional soup instead of the usual meats and veggies. Last night I made up a tuna salad instead which really only took me a few minutes. I snuck off to the bedroom to eat it while all the others ate their pizza! While de-cluttering I came across a lovely bowl that I never really knew what to do with before so I decided that it shall be my bowl alone for my healthy foods. I think that presentation is important with all foods and I was happy with how it looked. It's a rather pretty bowl even if I do say so myself!

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