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Monday, 2 February 2015

Winner winner chicken (and veggie) dinner!

How exciting. I've been out all day socialising (and being good I might add) and I've come home to look at the Rapid Loss forum to see that I've won a 6 tub of Rapid Loss prize pack and a hard copy of Ray Kelly's book! All for basically chatting and supporting others on the forum. They're all so lovely and supportive back, it's been a pleasure anyway. And it's just what we do. What a buzz!
I was feeling in a bit of a slump this morning. I had weighed in and again I had lost no weight and had no idea what was going on. I have been spot on with my food and drank lots of water. I asked on the forum about medications and nurofen is apparently something that retains weight. Coffee is also which I didn't realise so it's on to decaf and no painkillers if I can help it. Not sure if melatonin has any adverse side effects, I've had trouble sleeping since going off my anti depressants at Christmas (one of the reasons I was on them) so I've been taking some natural melatonin.
After weighing in this morning though I had a coffee and weighed again to double check and it said I had put on 1 kilo! Then again after my shower it said I weighed .2 less than the first weigh in! So after dropping the kids off I went to Big W and bought myself some new scales. I got to my friend's house and weighed in on her scales but their weighed at even more. Bit stupid really, I'd just drunk nearly 2 litres of water so I'll weigh in again tomorrow morning on both and see if there's any difference. I'm not expecting much but at least it should be consistent. While there my friends were a bad influence on me and I bought some new boots which are lovely. Lucky I won the prize pack as I can't afford to buy new boots! It's really spurred me on even more to win this challenge.
Here's my photos for this week. I'll put the new ones up the top and the first ones underneath. I didn't think I could see that much difference but I think I actually can now, how exciting! And my boobs still look fabulous which is the main thing! Even though I forgot to take off my bra strap holders.

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