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Saturday, 28 February 2015

91.9 kilos

Still going down, fairly slowly this week I feel, though I've still got 2 days to lose another 0.3 to get me to my kilo.
I've been feeling quite out of sorts this week. I think the tiredness is getting to me. Friday night I woke from what I thought was a good sleep, and it was 11.30pm! Ridiculous, I'd been asleep for an hour. I've been trying to stay up a bit later so that I'm waking closer to normal time but it just doesn't seem to work. As a result I'm just exhausted and it's really doing my head in. I have no energy to do anything, let alone exercise. Paul is picking up my treadmill as we speak so at least with that I can do a bit at a time throughout the day, hopefully tiring my actual body out rather than just my mind, helping me sleep. I get the sleep apnea machine tomorrow, not holding out much hope for it to tell you the truth. I've heard that people sleep worse because they've got a bloody big mask over their face! Anyway, I'll see how I go, I have it for a month's trial.
Other than that I think I'm getting bored. There are lots of different ways to eat the meals but when it comes down to it it's still chicken and fish and veggies. I've had them steamed with balsamic vinegar, done in a chicken wrap, done with the kecap manis soy sauce but I'm a little bit over it all. Still, I'm nearly half way there, I'm still seeing good results, I think everybody goes through a little slump at some stage. My friend Cel has been doing it for much longer, she's on her second lot of 16 weeks and is going for another! She's having a little break at the moment to see if she can jog her body into almost restarting as it's slowed down lots. She's done so well so I can't complain. I certainly wouldn't be thinking about doing that in the middle of the challenge anyway. That's the plan for the end of the 16 weeks, move on to stage 3 where you can make healthy food choices for dinners and I'll stick to the shakes during the day until I've lost my remaining weight. Hopefully it will just be 7 or 8 kilos by then. Cel suggested that I have an omelette for dinner instead, filled with veggies and I love that idea so shall have that tonight instead! It's so nice to have made friends on the forum, and to have some old friends join me, it really is the secret to losing weight I think, at least for people who have a long journey to do it.
I went to see my lovely Intimo lady yesterday. I'm having a party in April so that I can get a new set of bra and knickers for my end result photo. And of course to share with you lovely people! A friend couldn't come so I took her along with me to purchase some items that will go towards my eventual total. I must say I was inspired looking at all the gorgeous clothing and underwear. I'm not planning on buying any bras until I reach my end weight, except for the one for the photos, I may even make that a sports bra as I need to have those in the right size. I am looking towards the end result, I can see myself in nice clothes without having to wear my 'sucky in pants'. I find that side of it really exciting. Depending on what I'm wearing I don't wear them now and it feels rather liberating, they're not the most comfortable of things. But there are times when they make me look so much better in what I'm wearing which has the opposite effect of making me feel terrific so they do have their place.
So I'm plodding along, determined to get through my slump. Hopefully I will be sleeping better which will get me there. And the treadmill will certainly speed up my weight loss. I hope....

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