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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

94.4 kilos

I've lost half a kilo so far since Tuesday so I'm hoping that means I'm in for a good week. I've almost cut coffee out completely, not even having one in the mornings now. I usually have one when I get home from dropping the kids off but it's now a decaf. Sometimes I have one when watching Bold and the Beautiful but, like last night, I had to leave to pick kids up so didn't want to have to wee while I was out so didn't have a coffee at all. And still needed to wee! So as far as consumption is concerned I'm all good.
I had a stir fry last night. It was so yummy! I did add bok choy in which isn't in the program but I think it will be ok, it is still a veggie. I didn't realise you could have garlic until I saw somebody ask about it so I used lots of that last night, along with my 1 tablespoons of kecap manis which is a lite soy sauce. I don't think I even used that much. I did it in my trusty thermomix with chicken, onion, tomato, mushroom and the bok choy. It was quite saucy, probably because of the juice of the tomato, and really delicious. I wont do it all the time, I want to stay on stage 1 as much as I can and the sauce is on stage 2, but I've still lost well. I had my steamed fish with veggies and balsamic the night before and I think the secret is to mix it up, by the end of last night's meal I was so over it! So now I've got another alternative I'm really happy with. I'm not really missing anything to tell you the truth. The shakes seem to take care of any cravings I may have had, even my coffee. The latter is probably aided by the fact that I have a latte shake in the morning.
I have made the big mistake of weighing myself naked. It's amazing how heavy a nightee can be! When coming back from my weekend away I weighed myself on the Monday morning before my shower then again after. It was a .3 kg difference! Just to make sure my scales weren't playing up I've done it again and yes it still reads like that. So of course I'm taking the after shower weight! But that's ok, each loss I have is done the same way now so I know it's definitely a downward direction. Lucky I'm not in the Biggest Loser, I'm ok with undies shots but I draw the line at nudie rudie ones! Then again, I'll do anything for a win.......

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