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Monday, 30 March 2015

End of week 11. 87.3

I've lost 0.6 kgs this week. Not bad considering I've had a week where I've had lots going on. I've been very good food wise but not necessarily rapid loss program wise. So the foods I've chosen have been things like a chicken and salad wrap at the hospital but with a white wrap and some sort of sauce. Or yesterday I went to a friends and she had made me some lovely chicken with herbs and I had that in a wrap too with salad, but I also had some beetroot dip which has nuts in it. Or when the family went to McDonalds on Sunday I asked for a beef salad which was pretty ordinary and had a sauce that was probably full of sodium. Add things like a couple of skinny cappuccinos to add to my milk consumption and you get the picture. All ok stuff to have so I'm not worried. I did have 2 pieces of vegetarian pizza on the night that I found out about the tumour but I'm not really counting that one!
The other thing I found was that I didn't drink as much water as I normally do. There is no school routine where I had my water pegged. And because I've been going back and forth to appointments I've not wanted to drink too much because I was in the car for ages. Or at the appointments where I'd have to be lying or sitting for upwards of half an hour. Not good situations to need to wee!
The positives have been though that I continued with my 2 shakes a day, I didn't eat anything sweet at all, I didn't eat anything fried. So basically I ate things that I probably would on stage 3, healthy alternatives, and I still lost 0.6. So all good!
I'm still feeling pretty positive. I haven't heard yet when I'll get the pesky thing out. I am getting quite bad headaches and I'm finding that mid afternoon I get quite dizzy, especially if I am out. I went to a friend's yesterday and also on Saturday and both times I felt quite ill about 3 or 4, not nauseous but very dizzy and wobbly. I was very excited yesterday to fit into a top that was too tight on my arms not long ago. I have put in a photo of that too here today. I am now noticing my face is slimmer which I am finding very satisfying, I always felt big because of all my chins, I think you can cover most other things somewhat but your face is on show for all to see.

I've got the wig lady coming over soon, along with my sister and a couple of friends to help me choose. I'll put photos when I pick!
And now for the photos! First one is this week, second is last week! I think I can slowly see my gut shelf at the top going down! Woohoo! Funny isn't it, sometimes it's the weeks you've had the least loss that you can tell more in the photos.


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