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Monday, 9 March 2015

Half way 90.2 kilos

I'm so close I can taste it! To the half way point that is. But half way means so much. I'm half way through my 16 weeks, at the end of week 8 now.  Also half way weight wise, the 15 kilo mark, but I'll be under 90 for the first time in so many years I can't even imagine. I am so excited about that, I can do under 90. Because that means there's just one more under a ten number (I'm sure there's a technical term for them but I can't think what it is!) to nearly be at my goal. I sailed past 100 in my first week to get into the 90s, within the next few days I'll be in my 80s!
I'm hoping that my switch to skim milk might make a difference, not sure if it will or not but it's a good time to start, half way through, so that I will be able to assess if that's what makes a difference if I have better losses. I lost 1.2 kilos this week, still happy with my progress, over 1 kilo each week after my slower weeks early on due to coffee and nurofen intake. My sleep still isn't sorted out so I'm going back to the doctors tomorrow. I tried the vaporizer with just the menopausal melatonin last night, I wanted to get a proper reading of my 'normal' night's sleep without a sleeping pill and it was pretty woeful. I did drop back to sleep a couple of times. Interestingly each time I have very vivid dreams, that's how I knew I'd been asleep. Not sure if that was to do with the vaporizer or not. I will just say, I can't do this anymore unless I can have a sleeping pill more often as I'm only meant to have one every 3rd night. In fact only half a one which does bugger all. I can't function on 1 to 2 hours sleep a night and it's not safe driving my kids around so I'll just tell her that. She's told me that being overweight contributes to sleep apnea which I believe but as I'm not going to be my proper weight for at least 12 weeks I need to survive in the interim. Anyway I'll let you know how I go.
Now for the photos! Again, I can't see a huge difference but then afterwards I have a sly peek and usually see something. I can't expect to see huge differences for each kilo but I still like to keep a track of them because when I go back and look it's really obvious. So the first one is this week, the second is last week. And then just for fun, my first weeks ones! I like to look at these once in a while, especially the side gut one, makes me feel great!


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