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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pushing too far

I did a stupid thing last night and had the thai fresh spring rolls again. I did it last week and still had a loss, but last week I was having a good week so I thought I could chance it. This week I had a rise of .4 after my going down under 90, then it took me a couple of days but I was at  89.7 yesterday. Today I weighed in at 89.8 or 89.9 depending. My digital scales can say different things each time so I usually do it several times until one number has come up 2 or 3 times! It's hard because I want to go for the lowest number but if it only comes up once then I don't.
Anyway, I guess the point is that I was thinking that they're healthy and not many calories at all but also making excuses as to why it would be ok to have them for the second week in a row. Clearly it wasn't. I've only got 7 weeks left, I don't want to start straying too often otherwise I'll lose focus.
I think I was allowing it because I did lots of work in the garden yesterday. We have hard garbage next weekend so we're getting rid of all our crap. Our garden has become an overgrown jungle, not just plant wise but from decks being built and the spa going in, Paul just chucks things wherever and, as I discovered yesterday, just leaves them in the garden to become part of the landscape! We got rid of our old rusty, torn trampoline, much to Bridie's dismay. We may get another at another stage but with it gone we can plan the garden better. It's only little but big enough for us. I'm thinking maybe a Bali design, certainly tropical to go with our spa and deck. And thinking of putting a pond in as we're getting Beth a turtle for her birthday so would be good to have an outside alternative to the tank.
So..... the garden work didn't make me lose weight and neither did the spring rolls. That's ok though, I was a bit over them last night. I could smell the kids chips and it made me so hungry. I must remember to eat before they do so that I don't feel like cheating. As that's the only treat I have had other than the half a souva that I had goodness knows how long ago, again, I'm gotten past wanting them. Which is a good thing. No more now, time to be good again.

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