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Sunday, 8 March 2015

90.3 Skinny Milk and spring rolls

I was just pleasantly surprised to come in at 90.3 kgs. This means I've got to my kilo for the week plus .1 and I still have until tomorrow. I don't think I'll lose .4 and get me under the 90 mark but I'll get close.
I have realised that there were 2 more things that may take me through losing a little bit better so I'm doing them this week. One of them is that I have been using lite milk rather than skinny milk. I'm not sure why I didn't click at that before, it's a fairly obvious one, but I shall use it to my advantage now. Not that I've slowed down, I've been dutifully losing a kilo each week, most weeks a tad over. But it would be lovely to think I may be even closer or at my goal weight at the end. Tomorrow marks the halfway mark. 8 weeks gone, 8 weeks to go. So nearly 15 kilos gone, 15 kilos to go which is a coincidence. Who would have thought it 8 weeks ago?! I was a bit concerned about using skinny milk as I already feel pretty hungry at times during the daytime, but I'm used to that now and if it gets me over the line then I'm ready to do it baby! I also decided to do the 2 day detox that you can get from Rapid Loss. Normally you would do this at the beginning of the program as you are detoxing and starting on level 1. I asked though on the forum and others have said it can sometimes get you through the plateau that can happen sometimes while you're losing weight so it can't hurt to do it halfway through. And I need a little help there as I have been a little constipated lately. Exercise does help there but I've been so tired lately that it's an effort to get that done. Still, it works for all sorts of reasons. The one mentioned above, toning up my flab that I'm excited to find, losing weight faster and helping me to sleep better.
I've had a weird time with the sleeping still. The vaporizer that I found out in the garage is a pretty old one, I put it on again on Saturday night (it's now Monday) but obviously didn't do it properly. Because it worked so well the night before when I took my sleeping pill, I thought I'd just do it with the melatonin and other natural things and I didn't end up even getting to sleep until 5.30 in the morning! The only good thing about getting 2 hours sleep that night is that it was later in the morning. Last night I had the sleeping pill again and Paul put more water in it which seemed to help as I slept through again which was wonderful. Every night I have a special melatonin for menopausal women, even on my sleeping pill night. On the alternate nights I have that one plus a normal melatonin and a slow release melatonin. I'm going to buy a new vaporizer that works all the time today and I think tonight I might try my cyclamen (the special one) by itself. Maybe it's reacting with the other melatonins? I know the vaporizer makes a difference because before I used it, even with the sleeping pill I was waking at 3am, never later, sometimes much earlier. I am a bit worried though about doing it because school is back tomorrow so if I'm exhausted I'll find it hard to drive. I'm going to the doctors on Wednesday though and I want to have a clear picture as to what I have done. I don't want to come out of there with no answers as before I've been told that when I lose weight it will help the sleep apnea so we'll wait and see, but an hour or two of sleep a night isn't acceptable, or safe. I either need to be allowed to continue on the sleeping tablets or put onto ones that I can be on. Of course it would be lovely if I just slept through tonight and announced that I had discovered an easy solution to sleep apnea!
I had fresh spring rolls last night from the Thai restaurant. They're not on the Rapid Loss menu at all but they were a conscious choice. They're very healthy, it's just the ingredients that we're not supposed to have, such as rice noodles. But they were all fresh, with fresh grated carrot and prawns and were really yummy.
I had my head shaved on Saturday, my friend Bree did it and it feels lovely. I had Bridie take some photos and I'm very happy with how I'm looking at the moment. I went to my lovely Intimo lady's house yesterday too, to try on a black wrap dress that they have just started to sell. I went then because my party isn't for another month and they may have sold out by then! I tried on the size larger than I am now, as it has been suggested that I upsize to make it comfortable. So I ended up choosing a size 16 as I will be a size 14. I'm very excited! I'm planning ahead, I've wanted a black wrap dress for ages and it's lovely and stretchy and very comfy. And it showed an hourglass figure, and my boobs looked great! So it was worth the investment, for my after photos.

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