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Monday, 16 March 2015

89.7 not a great week

I've not had a particularly good week this week. I can only think of one slip up which was the fresh spring rolls, and the morning after they had only put on 0.1 anyway. I've still lost 0.5 which in most weight loss programs would be good, but I am aiming for a kilo a week and there is no reason why I can't get that if I do all the right things.
So I'm not sure what is going on. I'm drinking a heap of water, I'm eating really healthy. The only difference I have made this week is changing to skim milk from lite milk. I thought it would mean I would lose more quickly but obviously not. Maybe I've lowered my calories too much? I'll finish what I've got and change back I think. After all, I was losing a steady 1 kilo each week, most weeks 1.2 kilos or more. Why fix what isn't broken? I know I love the idea of getting to my goal before the 16 week challenge, I also know that 2 kilos a week isn't practical and I would be setting myself up for disappointment if I thought that it would be. Even if I was able to become a fitness freak in that time (which I highly doubt with my lack of sleep and my back going lots of the time) I just don't think I'd do it. And I don't want to put that pressure on myself. My goal is to lose 22 kilos by the end of the challenge. I have lost 15 1/2 so far, I have 14 1/2 to go I still have 7 weeks so if I do a kilo a week from now on in (and more would be a nice little bonus) then I will have done it. Then I can move on to stage 3 for the last 8 kilos, test the waters and see if I can lose still by eating my own healthy choices at dinner time. I'll be happy to lose half a kilo a week then, the competition will be over and I can start incorporating other foods which, along with the support of rapid loss and my wonderful forum friends, will be something I really look forward to.
I'm also not sure if something is going on hormonally. I've been flushy again the last few days and a little moody. As I don't know where I am in my cycle, who knows what is going on! I just know that other than the slight slip up, I really can't do any more food wise to achieve my goal. There is nothing else to cut out, I can't drink any more water if I tried. So I'll just put it down to a shitty week and aim for the moon this week. Here's this weeks photos. Not sure yet again if there is any difference. I think I look even bigger on the side one but the front one I can see more smoothness in my sides. One of my forum friends commented that I'd have to be holding these knickers up soon. I think I'm actually just growing into them. They are a size 14, I bought them this size because they are lovely and stretchy. Clearly they're meant to be visible, not just when the gut gets held up, now they're doing the job they were supposed to do in the first place! Maybe I can wear them all the way through?!
As always the first picture is this week, the second is last week. So the one with the towel hanging is this week.


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