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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A bit shitty

I've woken up feeling rather shitty this morning. I weighed in yesterday and was extremely excited to find that I was in the 80s! 89.9 to be exact so only just, but still! Then I've weighed in again this morning and found I'm back up to 90.3.
I thought I had a good day yesterday. I still have my oldest daughter home sick so I drank lots of water. I had my shakes for breakfast and lunch and a stir fry for dinner. The only thing I think I didn't do was to have more than one snack. I only had an orange and you're meant to have 2 pieces of fruit and a yoghurt. I often don't have the yoghurt which isn't a biggie, it doesn't seem to have affected me much. This morning I made a decaf coffee though and put the wrong milk in it, the full cream was where my skim milk is, hopefully I didn't use that in my shake yesterday!
I had a little bonus too. I was expecting a 3 tub prize pack because I had commented on the Rapid Loss facebook page with some exercise suggestions in a competition. They sent me 6 though! I have sent them a message explaining and offering to pay for the other 3 if it was a mistake but I've heard nothing back. As I thought it was only 3 I asked just for latte so now I've got a shitload of latte. Paul came home last night and asked what my pyramid of tubs was doing on the bench, I told him it's because I'm being recognised as a winner!
I went back to the doctors yesterday to ask again about something to help me to sleep. I've not been bad on the ones originally suggested, after I decided that half a tablet every 3rd night wasn't enough. I had googled the tablets I was on and half was the dosage for a child or an elderly person. So I went up to one. Still, I was only getting that night's sleep when I had that one and the other 2 nights up to 2 hours if I was lucky. I figured they must be short term ones if they were being that limiting so I spoke to the doctor about it yesterday. She put me on to another type but it does sweet f.a! I googled them too at 2am and again, she had given me a dose of 10 mg when the recommended dose is between 15 and 30! And the chemist told me when I got them that they don't keep you asleep, just put you to sleep. But should be for 4 hours which it wasn't.  I've still got some of the others left so I'm just going to have them until I can talk to her on the phone. She was ok with me continuing with them but preferred the newer one.  I can't survive on that amount of sleep and I can't drive my kids for such long times either. I'm a bit peeved. I understand starting on a low dose and increasing it if necessary but tell me that in my appointment, not for me to ask at the next one. When I explained the half dosage problem for the other one she was quite agreeable that it wouldn't do. I wish she'd told me that 3 weeks ago!
So besides feeling really tired and shitted off about the weight gain, I am feeling positive still. I think it's the whole half way mark. I've gotten through half way, I've got less than half way to go now. Not that I'll stop when I've done the 16 weeks, I'll still have 7 or 8 kilos to go, but it's just a nice feeling. A determined feeling to get through and win!

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