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Thursday, 19 March 2015

A bit of a scare 89.1

I've had a weird week. Rather scary actually. On Wednesday I had dropped my Bridie and her friend off at cheerleading and popped in to visit a friend for a cuppa while I waited for them to finish. While I was there I had a turn. I just felt my eyes glazing over, said to Lou that I felt a bit dizzy, then next thing I knew she was telling me that she was on the phone to an ambulance. Of course the mum in me kicked in and said 'no, no, don't worry, I have to pick up Bridie!' Beth and Bill were with me so they stayed at Lou's and my friend picked up Bridie and took her home. Lou called Paul and let him know so life did go on without me just fine. A big thanks to my friends for helping out. the ambulance came and from what I overheard then later spoke about, I appeared to have some sort of a seizure. I was in and out of consciousness, I was staring at nothing and my hands and fingers were clenching spasmodically. Now I am a fainter but firstly I always have a reason for it (one was a particularly gruesome episode of Nip Tuck) and secondly I always have some warning, saying to myself that I think I'm going to faint and often lying down in time. This was about a 1 second warning which really scares the shit out of me as I have 3 kids to drive around and I drive a lot. Anyway, I'm off to the doctors tonight and have a letter from the hospital to refer me to a seizure clinic. The sooner the better. Paul has done the school run as I've been feeling crap too, and his dad will drop me at the doctors.
Of course, as I knew would happen, the doctors at the hospital quizzed me about the Rapid Loss. I knew there wasn't an issue there, maybe if it had happened within the first couple of weeks but it's been 9 weeks now. The doctor said the shake diets can stuff around with your electrolytes but honestly, I think I'm getting more vitamins and goodness into me than I ever have before, that side of things is making me feel fantastic. And his word for my blood tests was pristine! He checked for any adverse reactions and said there were none. Duh, I knew that anyway! Not sure if the sleeping pills are affecting me adversely so I'll ask about that tonight.
On the plus side I've lost more weight! Surprisingly as I had nurofen last night as my shoulders have been hurting me since before the incident. And yesterday my back was killing me but probably more because I lay in bed all day watching Breaking Bad! I know that weight loss isn't my priority when I'm feeling like this but it makes me feel good to concentrate on something good. And I've had no appetite so that's been fairly easy. Paul made me scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions last night and I even told him to add butter to keep my calories up. On the day of the faint, I didn't end up having dinner, and subsequently lost no weight. I probably would have had I not been on the program but when you're on low calories anyway every little bit helps. And if I get out of control now it will be harder to a) reign it in when feeling better, b) be more weight to lose when I'm feeling better and c) be what I do when I get sick. So I'll keep plodding along and hopefully will have more answers after the doctors.