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Friday, 6 March 2015

90.7. Sleeping better

I've had some shocking sleeps this week but the last 2 nights haven't been bad at all. The night before last I woke at 4 something which was wonderful for me. It was like a sleep-in! Then this morning I woke at 5.45! Oh my goodness. I did have sleeping pills on both nights (which are meant to be only every 3rd night), but they usually take me through to about 2 or 3am. Tonight I'll see how I go with my melatonin. 2 things I have done differently. One is that I bought a sleeping mixture which has essential oils in it. Was told to put one drop on a tissue next to the bed. It smells quite lovely actually. I did this 3 nights ago but Beth used it to blow her nose on! Luckily she didn't for the last 2. Then last night I put a vaporizer in the room because Beth has a chest infection. I put eucalyptus oil as well as my tissue and next thing I was waking up for the first time at 5.45. Tonight I shall put the drop in the vaporizer as well as the eucalyptus and see if it works still. I'd be happy to have that in my room every night if I get a good night's sleep.
We as rapid loss contestants got a lovely surprise. Last year's winner popped in to support us and wish us well. She has become a body builder and is doing fantastically! How lovely of her to take the time to encourage those of us who are battling with it now. And not only to post but to respond to each and every one of us who responded, thanking her for being on there. The forum has been a godsend and truly makes all the different, having the support of others who are going through the same thing. Especially when you have old and new friends on there. Check out Mary now, she certainly didn't put it all back on when she lost it! I hope I'm half as inspiring!

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