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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

86.9 going ok

I just thought I'd do a quickie, happy to be under another number so hopefully will now stay in the 86s range rather than go back up into the 87s. I've decided that I'll be really happy to get to 85kilos for the challenge. Don't get me wrong, I'll keep going as long as the challenge is on, but if I slow down and end up losing 20 kilos then I'll be more than happy with that. I'm nearly there anyway, I've lost 18.1 kilos and I still have 4 1/2 weeks to go until the end. If I get there op wise.
I had a call from them, I have an appointment a week on Tuesday (it's Thursday here now) to do my pre op checks, blood tests etc. I've been deemed category 2 which is positive for me as it's not as urgent at category 1. They said this means within 3 months but they think it'll be sooner. The girl on the phone said probably next month some time. It's the big wig surgeon and he'll be doing it in conjuction with an ear nose and throat specialist so it's when they can coordinate themselves. I doubt I'd have a choice. If I did I'd like to make mention of Mother's Day being on the 10th of May. It would be lovely to be at home for that. If it was earlier than that then I'd still be in the hospital. My challenge finishes on the 5th of May so in a perfect world I would finish the challenge, have my bacon and pizza for Mother's Day and have the op the following week. Of course I wouldn't base when I was having a major operation on finishing a weight loss challenge but it would be lovely to finish it completely and know that I have lost my weight on my own merits of working bloody hard for 4 months. The last 8 or 10 kilos can come off later, when I get home or even partly in the hospital when I'm apparently not going to want to eat for 3 days.
I have my balance test at the hospital next Wednesday, nearly changed the date as I had my Intimo party on that day but figured they'd need the test results for the following week and it's a tad more important! Not looking forward to the prep for that one, I can't take any sleeping tablets for 5 nights before so I'll be an absolute basket case! 1 1/2 hours a sleep for 5 nights, you want unbalanced I'll show you unbalanced!
Trying on wigs was good fun! I picked two of them out. The photos aren't great but you'll get an idea. I chose the long brown one but in a slightly different shade of brown. And the short bob but in a redder colour. As I always do when I get my hair done, I felt like I needed makeup on afterwards, they looked so good. My sister and a couple of friends came around too so it was a fun morning.
I think I'll be spending the day in bed today, not feeling great at the moment. I started to feel really dizzy yesterday and it doesn't seem to have gone away. Lucky we have nothing much planned.
Here's the photos!


  1. Sarah, your positivity never ceases to amaze me! I hope everything falls into place according to your timeline and you can move on in your typical sassy style. Love you heaps xox

    1. thanks gorgeous. I'm absolutely shitting myself but have to stay positive because it's better than thinking the alternative! Love you too! xxx