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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

90.9 walking dead

I'm still bloody exhausted but I lost another 0.4 kilos in the night so I'm happy. I wonder if I was getting a decent night's sleep if I wouldn't feel so compelled to weigh myself every morning?  It's almost like it's my reward for surviving yet another night. It's what I look forward to getting up, seeing how well I've done. Especially if I've been particularly good the day before. Yesterday I drank lots of water and I had my main meal at lunchtime. I think that helps, gives my body a chance to digest it all before going to sleep. Or not to sleep in my case.
I've had kids home sick all week. My oldest, nearly 16, is quite bad. I took her to the doctors yesterday and she just made it to the toilet being sick. She has a chest infection and an ear infection and when she gets sick it usually lasts about a week. So what was going to be my extra long day yesterday (I drive her quite a distance for school) ended up being me taking her to the doctors and the chemist and finally home for a nice sleep for the poor love. I still managed a little bit of treadmill time and no study but I've got 2 housebound days left this week to get up to speed on both.
I am now officially (in Rapid Loss weight) half way to my goal weight! As they round down the numbers, they say I've lost 15 kilos and have 15 to go. I know it's actually 14.1 kgs but who am I to quibble! I'm so happy that I'm on this journey. Please, anybody who is saying the weight is too big, the goal too insurmountable, it's not! I kept thinking that when I was 20 kilos overweight, then finally 30 kilos overweight. I would have kept climbing if it wasn't for this challenge. I figured 16 weeks out of my life I could go by rules, strict as they may be. Give me a good head start. I've never been on a meal plan that I've lost consistently over a kilo a week most times. And now I'm half way. And 15 kilos doesn't feel that big at all, that hard to get to. I've had to lose that amount in my younger years and managed it. I know that some may have even more to lose but I guarantee you, once you start on the journey you'll feel so fantastic that you'll just want to keep going. My thoughts were that it would take me too long to look any different yet 8 weeks later I am looking different, and really, it's flown by. My legs are even starting to have some loose skin which I love, time to tone them up!

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