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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Down to 96

OK so it's officially 9 kilos. I lost another .4 this morning. The biggest amount I've lost since I went to weight watchers starting at 82. How exciting!
I didn't think I'd lose any yesterday as I had a busy day and didn't drink much water at all. Now I'll be back in the routine of school runs I shall make sure that I have my bottle on the way home from dropping off and another on the way home from pickup. That leaves 1 to add in the middle and if I can handle the nights, one to add at the end of the day. I seem to have a day with no loss then a day with a goodish loss so I'm ok with knowing that now.
I cooked a roast chicken meal last night. I have had frozen chooks sitting in the freezer and I thought 'I have to start cooking good wholesome meals, even if I can't eat all of them'. The night before I had steamed some chicken and some of the veggies we'd be having so I did extra veggies. And I roasted the chicken on a rack so that it wasn't sitting in fat. So I heated up my extra veggies, had nice moist chicken that was fresh and it was yummy! So I've now proven I can do it, another hurdle to get through.
I've been receiving such heart warming emails and messages from friends about my journey. Many to start with were about the fact that I put it all out there, photos and all, to show how huge I was (my words, not theirs). With a smile on my face mind you! A few though are from people who have said I have inspired them to do the same. In fact I've had three separate friends who have said that they're going to do either this challenge or something similar. To me, that's what it's all about. I put my photos on to show that I'm a real woman with real curves, I felt like shit and I decided to do something about it. I'm sure there are many who can relate to that. So I'm totally stoked to know that I have in fact inspired others to join me. I feel so good already and I'm nearly a third of the way there - weight wise at least.
I'm going away for the weekend in a week so that will be my challenging time. But at this stage I have such a strong mindset that I have a plan in mind anyway. I spoke to Ray Kelly himself who devised  Rapid Loss, he has says it is ok to fudge a little when away but just not all the time. I shall have my shakes as snacks. I shall pick meals with meat and salad with no dressings and by then be able to probably have a chicken wrap as I will be in stage 2. I can even have a poached egg on toast for breakfast so I still feel like I'm having my Sunday breaky. So I'm looking forward to the challenge.
Speak soon xxx

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