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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I'm Excited! Written 20th January 2015

I know I've just posted my day 1 post but I actually wrote that a week ago. I was planning on publishing them another way but it didn't work out so plan B is in action now with my new blog. So here's my chapter 2!

If Big Kev was around in this day and age of text speak, and if Bert would have allowed it, I'm sure that he would have added to his catchphrase to make it OMFG I'm excited! And that's how I'm feeling so far! 6.7kgs down already. Wow! I've been really, really good mind you. In the past I've allowed myself bits and pieces that I love, telling myself that I want to still be able to treat myself by limiting myself to those special times when we have my favourite foods. Pizza once a week. Bacon and eggs on Sunday mornings. And a sweet treat at art class on a Friday morning. And guess what – I didn't lose any weight! The reality is that yes, when I get down to my goal weight that's exactly what I do want to do, eat the things I love once in a while but not all the time. If I just had those things when I say I'll have them and eat properly the rest of the time I'd probably not need to lose weight. I don't want to be stick thin. I'm a socialiser, I want to be able to brunch with friends on occasion or have cake when I want it. My problem was that I was mindlessly eating. So I'd have my social day and we'd have lunch which is normally fairly healthy with wraps and salady things. But then we added the cheese and spinach pastries to the spread. And if it's someone's birthday then there would be cake. Or we might see some yummy scones to bring around. Pizza night would follow, if I'd had a big piggy day I may as well finish it off with pizza and they hey, what the hell, let's have some chocolate. And we may as well eat the whole family block, otherwise I'll eat what's leftover tomorrow.

This week I am proud to say I've not had pizza. I went for a walk Sunday morning while my hubby cooked bacon for the rest of the family. I've had no sweet treats. I've done the weight loss program to the letter. And the numbers reflect that. I'm not saying that I'll be this good every week, though I'd like to think I will. But one week at a time, and for this week I'm bloody stoked!

Sometimes it really hits me how big I've got. I went shopping the other day and I could hear myself walking. I thought how weird it was because I didn't have thongs on but I could hear the flip flapping sound. Then I realised it was my thighs! I had on a long skirt but with nothing underneath (except knickers of course.) I had a laugh to myself, what else is there to do. At least I know I'm doing something about it now.

There are forums to be written on to qualify for the challenge that I'm doing. I'm good at forums. I clearly like writing about myself. I must remind myself to write on other people's ones also as apparently it's not all about me. The people are lovely on there and it is a great support network. There is a section where you write to the man who devised the program. I wrote asking when the dates would be for the week in Fiji for the 10 finalists. So that I could organise my hubby to have the time off to do the school run for me. Hey, gotta put it out there. Remember The Secret? I'm going with that philosophy. I know it will be a hard top 10 to get into, either way I know (and this sounds like cheesy Biggest Loser talk) I will be a winner because I already feel fabulous and it's only the beginning of week 2.

Lots of people are scornful of shakes. I've had people say that 90% of people who lose weight with shakes put it back on, that if you lose weight too rapidly that you'll put it back on. It's not just shakes, it's any weight loss program. Often these people fall in to one of two categories. People who are overweight themselves and have tried all sorts of things which didn't work. Or people who have never had an issue with weight yet still don't have a problem telling you that you're overweight. Each to their own. People put weight back on because they tell themselves that it's temporary and if they believe that they'll put it back on then they will. I need a good boost. I've got 30 kilos to lose. 30  fucking kilos. (Please excuse the French). If I can lose a good chunk of it in the first few weeks then yay me! If I can start looking better, feeling better, fitting in those clothes that are a wee bit too tight at the moment then how can that not be an incentive to keep going. And seriously, at least I'm trying, not sitting on my arse telling people not to bother trying because it wont work. At least this year I wont be sitting watching Biggest Loser with a bowl of ice-cream in my hands, jealous of the weight losses they have but not doing anything about it.

So I've done all I can this week. I haven't had any social occasions to contend with mind you. My youngest had a friend over last night so we did order fish and chips. I had my soup early and left it to hubby to deal out the food, taking myself to bed early so that's a victory. I've been more active. I've taken the pooches for a walk. I've even had my hair cut. With a bit of a nod to the Seinfeld episode where Elaine cuts her hair off to win a weight loss challenge. Just in case you didn't realise, I love TV and I will refer to people on it a lot. There may even be a Brady Bunch reference or two if I can get them in somehow. That's just how I roll.

The photos I've chosen this week I thought would be amusing as I feel like I look like a pregnant woman, but I'll be going backwards. So instead of looking lovingly at my baby bump I'm looking lovingly at my reducing gut! I am having a lot of fun putting the photos in, my 10 year old isn't as happy about it as I make her take the photos! I think I already look a bit smaller, a bit rounder.


So now I'm on to week 2. I'm still feeling pumped and I already feel so much better in myself. Not sure if it's pride for sticking it out for a week or the fact that I've already been told how much better I'm looking. It could just be the happier look on my face. A few weeks ago I was walking with a walker because I had done my back. I'd get out of bed in pain and amble down the hallway. Now if somebody knocks on the door I jog to get it. Because I want to. Thanks for reading, I hope that you're cheering me on or even considering joining me. You've seen the photos, I'm out there for the world to see. Embarrassing I know but I'm a real woman with a lot of weight to lose. And I'm doing it. One day at a time. See you next week! xxx

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