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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Birthday Weekend

I've had my boy Bill's birthday weekend. He's turned 13. God help us. He's a beautiful boy, lovely natured, gentle and kind and very, very supportive of me. Whether it was to do with Dad's passing last year or to do with checking up on how I am going with weight loss, he's my rock. He's also got attitude and stubbornness, he's very clever and is ALWAYS right. He gets those things from his fathers side. Except for the cleverness - he gets that and his love of writing from me.
Anyway, I've found it very difficult to cope with birthday celebrations full of junkie food so I've done lots of hiding in the bedroom! Saturday Bill had a friend for a sleepover. During the daytime we went next door for lunch so I was all prepared for that. My in-laws live next door.  It's a good thing for the most part, certainly no 'Everybody Loves Raymond' there. Except that my father in law likes to hang shit on my weight which really pisses me off. He clearly thinks it's funny and I guess because I always just smile and don't say anything he will do it until I tell him not to. Just little things. We were talking about going in the spa and he said - do you fit? Or when we were building here, the side of the house is very skinny, and we were talking about getting a thin shed down there. And he said 'You wouldn't fit if it was that skinny would you?' I don't say anything, really because I find it so offensive that somebody hangs shit on somebody that clearly has issues with that exact problem. But also because even though I feel that he is just being mean, he thinks he is just being funny.
So off we went next door and I took my salad that I had made and my tuna. And that was all fine. Then when Bill's friend came for dinner they ended up deciding on takeaway as it was Paul's turn to cook! I said that if I had known that I wouldn't have had a lunch but saved it for dinner and had a piece of grilled fish. So again I hid myself away. Then yesterday, which was his actual birthday, he chose what he wanted and again we got takeaway. (an expensive week this week, we don't normally have it 3 days in a week.) He chose Subway. It was a toss up between that and Hungry Jacks. Hubby was very supportive actually. He asked what I wanted and in a nearly tantrum voice I said 'well I can have nothing from either of them anyway so don't bother about me!' He asked what I would have had and I said the grilled fish so he went out of his way and got me one. I made my salad up of my allowed ingredients and I even asked for my fish to be grilled with no flour. I'm not sure if it was the no flour or the fact that it took ages to come but it was a little dry, but still, lovely. Subway had run out of meatballs. Not just at Belgrave but at Ferntree Gully too! Paul said he thinks if he hadn't said 'you've got to be kidding me, it's dinner time' they probably wouldn't have gone out the back and made some more! Anyway, the crux of the story is that I survived a weekend full of takeaway foods and didn't slip up once.
There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this weight loss gig. Saturday morning I had had a loss, I put it down to eating my big meal at lunchtime on Friday. So I did the same on Saturday and not only didn't have a loss but put on .1. Then today after my takeaway fish dinner I had lost .8! That's why I think it's probably better to weigh in once a week as suggested.
The main reason I'm weighing in each morning (besides being addicted to it and just because I can) is that once I've hit the elusive 10% loss of body weight I can go on to stage 2. I bought my preparations for this on Saturday while shopping for last minute birthday presents. It will put flavour in my meals at last. And it's pretty cool that it reminds me of Mickey Mouse ears!
I'm not quite sure the way this works on the Rapid Loss site. They don't seem to count in points with their numbers. In fact when you write your progress in during the week it even says, write it in in whole numbers. I of course write it in fully, so that I can see where my progress is. This means though that as soon as you go under a number it says that I have lost a kilo more. As you are meant to lose 10% of your weight before moving on, I'm not quite sure when that will kick in. I started at 105 kilos (I know, jealous right?) which for me means that I have to lose 10.5 kilos before starting. It will be interesting, I am 96.6 now and as I'm under 97 they've counted that as losing 9 kilos which it nearly is. I wonder if they round down the original weight? So when I go under 96 and they consider is 10 kilos if that will be my 10%? I am imagining that they will tell me when I can start on stage 2. They acknowledge my updates in an email so I would think they would say 'you are now at stage 2'. Not long to go now! There are other things you can add but I think it's more boring veggies so I haven't really checked it out yet! 


  1. Hey just read your post Sarah. Great work. Have done the program myself. Emails are just an auto reply so unfortunately you have to track it yourself ie theybwont tell u that you can go to the next level and we need to track ourselves. Good luck!

    1. thanks so much, so glad you're enjoying the blog!