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Monday, 26 January 2015

End of week 2 weigh in

Woo bloody hoo! I lost another 1.9 kilos this week. A more realistic loss than last week, as the week went on I realised that that wasn't going to happen again. The more I lose the less I will lose each week if you get my drift? So so far I've lost 9.1 kilos. Pretty stoked with that! I've put progress photos, I will put side by sides from when I started. I don't think I look particularly different yet though I feel different. I guess it just shows how much I had to lose in the first place if you can lose nearly 10 kilos and look much the same. That's ok though, I'm nearly a third of the way there!
So the ones with my glasses on are from 2 weeks ago and the ones without are from today. Hopefully next week I will start showing some more differences. I don't care anyway, I don't think I've been this light for years, 96.4 kilos, I'll be under the 95 soon, then next goal will be to get to 90!


  1. Dana Maciulaitis29 January 2015 at 17:34

    9.1 kilos in 2 weeks!!! That's like The Biggest Loser numbers! You are doing soooo well!! I did grocery shopping the other day but they only had the big tin of rapid loss so I'm heading to Priceline today to get a few sample sizes. I'm such a fussy eater that even if millions of people like something I'll be the 1 person who doesn't! Keep up the great work and I'll hopefully be joining you soon ��

    1. Thankyou! First week was a biggie but I'll be happy if I lose 1 kg each other week. That will nearly take me to my goal of 30kg. And hopefully it will be a bit more! Can't wait for you to join me! x