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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Loving my 40FFs. Written on the 13th January 2015

I started on my shakes yesterday. I weighed in at 105 kilos which I was delighted in seeing as I weighed a little less than 100 kilos when I last weighed myself in November. That's an impressive weight gain, even for me. I'm not sure if it was the massive amounts I purposely consumed over the weekend to make my first weigh in a big one or the defiantly placed full cream milk that I had in my coffee just before my weigh in. Either way I expect a huge loss next week and I'll be most put out there isn't one. As I'll also be drinking copious amounts of water I expect to lose lots from that too. I'm already piddling every five minutes! I did make the mistake of shaving my legs and underarms before the weigh in as I'm sure that would have made a difference in the second week but never mind.

I couldn't find my camera cord yesterday and spent most of the day looking for it. That's got to count for exercise surely? I was pleased actually as I got lots of de-cluttering of boxes done. We only just recently moved – two and a half years ago - so I guess it was time to make a start. I ended up popping down to a shop this morning that had digital cameras for $20 which is less than I would have ended up paying for a new cord anyway. I hope you like my shots. I will be wearing the same underwear in each of them, mainly because it's the only matching set that I have but also because it shows off my fabulous 40FFs. They're the only thing I'm going to miss. I know I'll still have bigguns but I love my boobs at the moment. As they're the only part of my that I physically love I'm sharing a gorgeous boobie shot with you too.
The shots I've chosen today are not particularly flattering, but hey, it is what it is so if I'm in I'm going to show it in all it's glory. I'm not doing the 'put my sad faced chin to my chest before shots'. Sorry if they offend you. I was going to do a shot straddled across our kitchen island bench but then I realised that I would have to a) clean said bench, b) clean the rest of the kitchen behind me and c) actually get up onto the bench, so I decided against that one. I am feeling so confident that I have booked an Intimo bra party for just before my after shots will be taken so that I can wear my new smaller bras and knickers. The challenge is a 16 week one, I know I'll need longer than that to lose what I have to but it's a good start.


I can do the shakes in one of two ways. I of course combined these even though that's not strictly the rules. Either way I think I did well. You can either have the shakes replacing two meals and put milk in them or have them replacing snacks and have them with water. I decided that I'd replace my snacks so I had my weetbix for breakfast. We got up late being school holidays so I really wasn't hungry after that. I thought I'd have my snack at lunchtime and make my meals a bit later. As I wasn't that hungry though I thought I'd just have my shake for lunch after all. That stuffed me up plan wise so I had a banana for my snack instead of another shake. Then when I was preparing my veggies and fish to go in the oven I cooked the rest of the family pork chops and chips. I was late doing my own and realised I couldn't be fagged in the end so ended up having a shake then too! So technically I replaced two meals with the shakes, but as my one meal had no veggies in it at all I did it all arse about tit. Never mind, I'll do better today.


  1. Thanks for the no hold barred photos...and I love that underwear set...I don't have anything nearly as pretty. I'm with you on the only upside of weight gain...nice boobs. It's always the first place I lose to that 😉

    1. thanks, yes I love the intimo range and they go up to ridiculously large sizes which is good for me!