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Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 4 of week 2

I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday. It's Saturday today. On Thursday I went shopping with my niece in the evening. I'd been really good all day, had my shakes for breaky and lunch, had my fruit and yoghurt for snacks. I got home and realised that I hadn't bought all the ingredients for my tuna salad dinner so I figured I was going to bed soon, stuff it I'll just have another shake and I'm bound to have an even better loss in the morning. But when I got up there was nothing. I had lost no more, 97.8 kilos was the same as the day before.
The Rapid Loss forum is terrific, I wrote on there about how disappointed I was. I didn't mention that I had had 3 shakes, more the fact that I had lost so well last week and how it has slowed down incredibly this week. They suggested measuring myself which I shall do, I had forgotten about doing that. Even if it's just my tummy which is my main hurdle. A friend saw my pictures on here and asked how I could be 105 kilos and I didn't have a fat arse! I said yes I do, maybe it's just because my gut is so big that it overshadows it! But then when I went and looked back on them I realised that my arse isn't actually that big, it's my gut that I have the biggest issues with. I'd like my visible bits thinner too, my arms have gotten big and my chins all seem to run into each other now, but it's my gut that I mainly want to get down. I suppose everybody had their trouble spots don't they?
I also thought about the lack of weight loss and thought, if I'm not eating my veggie and meat serving then I'm not having the required amount of nutrients that I need for the day. It's a well thought out program, devised with maximum weight loss in mind if you follow the plan. Maybe I was slowing my metabolism down by not having the fibres and protein?
Anyway the one thing I was pleased with on Thursday night was that I made sure it was pizza night at home so I was away from the delicious aromas of my favourite food! So I was proud of that one.
I popped in to see a friend yesterday and stayed for lunch so I changed my meal time to lunch. I was really pleased with myself, I chopped up my salad ingredients in the thermomix, took my tin of tuna and away I went. I even took some skim milk in a little bottle as she didn't have any, so I could have my cuppas. And it didn't bother me at all. In fact it was lovely and it was filling. Then I just had the shake for dinner. And drank shitloads of water. And was pissing like a horse every 5 minutes. But I lost another .5 this morning so very happy about that one! I'm actually thinking that if I can organise myself I will try to have my meal at lunchtime if possible. I cook something different for the rest of the family at night anyway so that's not an issue. The meals are quite big in quantity and pretty filling, often I don't want to eat the full serving. Then I go to bed on a full stomach. Not sure if it will make that much difference but it's said to be the best way of eating anyway so I'll give it a try. And it breaks up the shakes.
So I'm clearly not going to have a huge loss like last week but I wasn't really expecting that, it was a whopper. I am wanting to keep checking though because once I've lost 10.5 kilos I can go on to the next stage which includes wraps and flavourings which I am missing. For some reason the Rapid Loss progress thingy seems to kindly round the weight loss down so it's saying I've lost 8 kilos even though it's actually 7.7 kilos. So I'm wondering if they will tell me when I hit the 10.5 kilo mark as they send me an email each time I adjust my weight during the week. I've lost 1 kilo so far this week anyway so at least I got over that hurdle. Hopefully I'll get another half in there at least!


  1. Good on you Sarah! Going well. Did the challenge myself a while back and sometimes mixing food up is good, even the ocasional piece of pizza as it tricks your body as to what you are eating and helps fast track your results. Keep up the good work.

    1. thanks so much. Yes I will do this as I go on, just want to get through the first hurdles first. If I can get ten kilos down pretty quick then I'm a third of the way there already!