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Monday, 27 April 2015

End of week 15, no change in weight

Well as predicted I ended up losing nothing this week. And that's ok. I did in fact put on during the week and did pull the proverbial finger out and lost it again. So silly as it sounds I'm ok with that! I've got a week to go, I'm going to make sure it's a goodun. Not that I will stop after that, but it keeps me accountable saying that I've got a week.
Ray Kelly (my Rapid Loss guru) put a photo of past winners on the facebook page this morning. Gee it was inspiring! So good to see people who have not only been through the program but are still maintaining their weightloss. A few who are on the forum are finishing this week, the change is amazing. Even forgetting about the weight loss side, the change in the pride and confidence on their faces is wonderful. I can't wait to be there too!
I'm putting my photos up now. I'm pleased to say that I can still see a difference even though I didn't lose this week. If you remember however I lost well last week but actually didn't show any difference in my photos, so it's caught up! Again, first is this week, second is last week, third is first week. Wish me luck in the final week of my challenge folks!


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