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Monday, 13 April 2015

End of week 13, 85.4 kilos

Well I've had a totally slack week to tell you the truth. Again no chocolate or anything purposely naughty, just not strict meals at meal times. Still healthy choices but not the choices I would have chosen had I had an option really.

One slip up I wasn't happy about was when Paul took the kids to mini golf on Saturday. He promised Beth that they would get Red Rooster for lunch if she went because she never wants to go anywhere. He called me and asked if I wanted anything. By this time it was 1.30pm and I was hungry so I said yes if they had grilled wraps then I'd have that please. He asked them for grilled but when I got the wrap it was fried. There were 3 long nuggets in there so not major, but still not what I wanted. I started off saying no, then realized that it was going to waste, everybody else had what they wanted, so I ended up eating it. And I must admit it was yummy! Other than that I've been ok, but again, little things that aren't in the program, not until stage 3 anyway.

I made up for it yesterday. I drank like a fish and pissed like a horse! I hadn't budged from the same weight for about 4 days so vowed that I'd be better for weigh in. I had had neurofen because my head had been so bad, but knowing that it's a water retainer said I wouldn't have it yesterday. I ate really well, made sure I had my 2 fruits and the results were that I ended up losing pretty well considering.

I have my big appointment at the hospital today, the pre op one. I'm fairly scared with lots of questions to ask, some big, some not so big. It's a doozy too, between 3 and 7 hours. I don't think it will be too long before I have the operation now. I have 3 weeks left of the challenge, I've spoken to the staff about the possibility of me cutting it short if I have to and they're ok with it, they understand that I can't help it. Of course I'll go as long as I can, to the day before surgery if it's before the 5th of May.

OK here's my photos. Again, I see my shelf at the top of my tummy. But I think that happens before I see the flattening out again, it's been a few times now. I don't think I look any bigger. I'll put week one in again for fun. So this week, last week, 1st week!


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