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Monday, 20 April 2015

End of week 14 weigh in 84.3 1.1 down from last week

Well that was a surprise. I've been much more stage 3 foods than stage 2 this week. This means that I can choose what I have for my main meal, and make wise choices. So I'm still not snacking which doesn't bother me at all, I'm just not being quite so rigid. As long as I got to my 20 kilos loss within the challenge I was pretty happy so slowing down after that by doing stage 3 is what I am expecting. And it goes quite well, I did stage 1 for my first 10 kilos, stage 2 for my second 10 kilos, stage 3 for the last. I've only 2 weeks to go of my official challenge but of course I'll keep going afterwards until I've gotten down to my 75 kilos.

I've had a fairly good week food wise actually. My sort of rules are, no snacks still, no carbs after lunchtime except for my shake. And at this stage that will probably still include no pasta, rice or potato at all. Yesterday for example I had beans on toast for the first time in forever, on wholegrain toast. Which was probably a really stupid choice for the day before weigh in because I look bigger in todays photo than last week's because I'm rather bloated and gassy! I don't mind the gassy, my regular readers would know that, but bloated isn't the look you want for your week 14 photo shoot! I have changed things around because I feel quite ill by dinner time and just can't eat a proper meal. I fancied a plain old toasted cheese sandwich on Sunday but firstly wasn't sure about cheese and secondly didn't want to have the bread at night. As the kids are at school this week and Paul is at work for the most part, I can manage something like tomatoes and onion on toast for lunch, I just can't cook or eat a meal at night time. So I'll see how I go.

I went to meet up with the surgeon yesterday to discuss the operation and he didn't turn up. Not happy Jan! I did get 2 follow up calls apologizing profusely for his absence and they've fit me in at 9am on Thursday. Seeing as Paul took the day off and we live at least an hour away that will be much easier. Peak hour and 3 kids to get ready before say 7.30am, then somehow getting them to school, great! And yes I'm holding up my sarcasm sign.

OK now for the photos. I shall keep putting on the ones from my first week, just because they make me feel so damned good! Bear in mind the first one is of this week, and I do look more bloated but I did lose a kilo, I pinky swear! Mind you after putting them on, I think I look smoother in the front on view, smoother on the sides.  I shall also put a couple of photos on at the end of me in my new wig, all ready for my spunky new after operation look! I rather like it, I have another coming this week too. It's all a bit of fun really, got to get what I can out of this bloody thing! I especially like how big my boobs look!

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