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Monday, 6 April 2015

86.1, not bad for Easter Tuesday

Way back in the olden days when I went to school (also known as the black and white days for some of it) we only had 3 school terms. Which meant that we had Easter as an extra holiday. And, for a short while as I remember, this included Easter Tuesday. Not sure if it was a public holiday but I'm pretty sure we had it off of school. Today is Easter Tuesday. And I still lost 1.2 kilos this week!

I'm pretty bloody proud of myself because it's the first time in many, many years that I haven't had chocolate before breakfast on Easter. Or hot cross buns on Good Friday.  In fact as a kid I ate so much chocolate that I'd always end up vomiting, then eating more chocolate! My normal adult Easter would consist of a lindt chocolate bunny, followed by bacon and eggs, and a roast dinner for lunch/dinner. Much the same as when I was a kid really. We had Good Friday down at my Dad's wife's house, as we always did when Dad was alive. I went worried as the kids and I haven't been down there since Dad passed away last year but it was a lovely afternoon. Lots of lovely foods to choose from, I had baked salmon which was delicious and Asian Coleslaw. Both of which are not on stage 2 of the Rapid Loss menu. But both of which were the best choices. Anything else was full of delicious cheesy, creamy, pasta-ey (I just made that up, can you tell?) or pastry goodness. I was very happy with my decision. I did get asked how long I had to keep 'doing this' for now so I started to explain then went on to say, just 4 more weeks. The truth is that I was so happy with my choice, not feeling sick or stodgy afterwards, I really want to eat like this forever after. Maybe not as far as shakes for 2 meals are concerned, but certainly making wise choices when it comes to my meals. Normally I would have a bit of everything, then a bit of everything again but I found I didn't have to do that, I was very satisfied with what I had. There were also delicious desserts to be had and I didn't partake in any of them either. I was more than happy with my mandarin. What the hell is happening to me?!!!

Saturday we went next door for lunch so while they all ate their pies I stayed in the other room reading the paper. I'm getting used to it now, doesn't bother me at all anymore. Sunday I had no chocolate at all. AT ALL! It was just a normal day for me. We had been given 2 boxes of chocolates from family but I'll keep them for guests. I'm still so in the zone it's scary! I've been quite excited this week. I've made good friends with a lady called Cel from the Rapid Loss forum. She's on her second round this year of RL and is doing really well. As I have 4 weeks left of the challenge she has decided to go gung ho with me in these 4 weeks and has already done really well. It's wonderful to have a weight loss buddy who is as focussed as you are. It can go the other way as I've learnt from experience, but this is a good healthy 'let's kick some weightloss arse' relationship and we're both loving it. We're both focussed and determined and I've promised that after my op I'll be right back on board to do the same with her.

So I'm nearly at my 20 kilos, how exciting! I've sort of revised my goal, if I go in early for the op I figure as long as I've got to my 20 I'll be ok. I've got 1.1 kilos to go before I get there. As I don't have my pre op appointment until next week I know I'll get that in. And I know I wont be going in straight after that either so I'll lose more beforehand. If I get to the end of the 16 weeks I may even get 22 or 23 kilos down, leaving me with just 8 to get to my goal weight. How bloody exciting! As I weigh in I still can't believe the numbers. I keep thinking there is something unbalancing the scales until I remember, no, this is what I weigh now. I can't thank Rapid Loss enough for giving me my life back, the staff and the follow contestants have truly been my lifeline. And of course my friends and family and their wonderful support. I will go into my op healthier than I've ever been before! Here's my photos for this week. Again, not sure I can see much difference but I could see a big one last week so that's ok. Though after putting them up, I think I do look a bit smoother on the front one. First one is this week (toilet seat is down thanks Robyn!) Second one is last week.


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