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Thursday, 29 October 2015

October 30, .3 kilos lost

Sooo, I am now at 77.6 kilos. I lost 0.3 this week. I am happy with that as I had a very social week. Much of the week I was eating as though I was at maintenance, making wise food choices with what was on offer.
This included  Japanese pancakes at the school fete and a teriyaki chicken wrap at Subway. I have found that a nice filling lunch on these lovely sunny days is mountain bread with lots of salady fillings. We have this when I catch up with friends and this is what I chose for my subway dinner too. Lots of baby spinach, grated carrot, avocado, tomato, sometimes onion. Chicken when it's there, if not I will have cheese. And a dip smeared on for some extra flavour. It's yummy and quite filling.
So, not much to report this week. I think I'm at the stage when I'm toning and finishing off what I started at the beginning of the year. I only have 2.6 kilos to go until I reach my goal weight so I'm not expecting big numbers at the moment. So as I said, happy with what I lost this week. I'm going to the gym every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and walking the dogs every night. My Bethie is loving this too which is great for her as, like me, she normally hates exercise.
My photos this week I wasn't expecting much difference but I think the bumpy bits on my hips are going down a bit. They wont go completely because I'm not getting down to a ridiculously skinny weight for me. I'm gonna be bumpy, that's the way I am. The first one is today with the bottle on the toilet, the one with the jar was last week. My last photo is my most exciting I think. It shows the ribbon that I fitted around my waist last year at my body image group. All of our members did this. I don't do measuring. I don't really get when people say how many cms they've lost, I'm a very visual person so to me, seeing it means so much more than hearing it. I was shocked when I saw how far out it came, a bit like when you see the people on the Biggest Loser hold up their big pants that they used to wear. I had my daughter take the photo after I had been to the gym yesterday morning. Have a great week everybody!

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