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Thursday, 15 October 2015

October 16th. Gained 0.2, now at 78.9 kilos

So......... I had a rude shock this week when I weighed in after the weekend and found I had put on .8 kilos! I went on to the Rapid Loss forum and asked about the whole muscle weighs more than fat theory, hoping of course that that was the reason I put so much on. I hadn't weighed in over the weekend because I had been a naughty girl and knew I would either have put on a bit or not lost any but I wasn't expecting that at all. The answers were that (from them and from my other experienced friends) no, I wouldn't have put on that much for exercising for a week. Which meant - gasp - it was my own fault!
The reality is that I had vegetarian pizza on Friday night. The reality is that I had a huge hamburger for lunch on Sunday. The old me figured that if I took the cheese off it would be ok to have a few chips with it which is ridiculous. And a little glass of what we call bubble juice - Fanta. The reality also is that I am doing stage 3 and making my own choices now and I chose to have a fatty meal for lunch. And the reality is that it meant it put weight on. Choice made, consequences accepted. The reality also is that I really enjoyed my hamburger, to celebrate my father in laws 88th birthday and I'm ok with that too. That's life, it's what I did the rest of the day, or the rest of the week that counts. And I went to the gym that morning and had shakes for both breakfast and dinner.
I chose to upload my photos before writing my blog post today. I've never done this before. For my readers they wont look any different but for me, I usually write about how I don't think there will be any difference, then I upload them and I either agree with myself or I surprise myself by saying that I think I do look different after all. I had a gut feeling that despite what the scales said I would look better in this week's photos and I was right. Experience has told me this. The rest of last week I was really good and I've been going to the gym every second day. I feel different. I feel stronger and tighter. I have off weeks when I weigh and I will go back and look at my photos and say to myself that I look different. I think there is other stuff going on in there that we can't measure on the scales. So, readers who think there's no hope, if you're doing the right thing, even if it doesn't seem to show, it comes out somewhere. This is the first week that I have put on, the first time in this whole program. And there is a reason for it as I've stated above. But it didn't give me permission to say stuff it, I'm going to put on this week anyway so I may as well do a good job of it. I still kept going to the gym and I still kept up my healthy eating because I still want to be healthy and fit. So the results of that still showed, even though the results of the hamburger did too. Do you get what I'm saying? As my friend Clare said to me once, I used to be confused but now I'm not so sure!
The other photo I'm putting in is me in my inspiration dress! I'm rather chuffed as I had been given it a couple of years ago and it had a broken zip. I had to get it fixed and was umming and aahing about it, asking my daughter Bridie if she thought it was worthwhile paying for it to get fixed. It is a size 14 and I could get it on but the zip (at the bottom) barely touched, let alone the top. She said she thought it was really pretty so I decided that that was my goal, to fit into that dress. The weather of course also had to be permitting and yesterday was perfect for it. How bloody exciting!
I'll leave you (before you marvel at the miracle photos) with a thought I have every time I weigh in. I've heard this over and over again, whether it is from people on the forum or friends who have been trying to lose weight. We forget our progress and still consider ourselves at our biggest range of weight. I weighed in this morning and in my mind I said 98.9 instead of 78.9 kilos. And I do this constantly. We have to remember how far we've come. Especially if there has been a gain or not a great loss. Putting .2 kilos back on does not put me back up into the 98 kilo category. It gives me a wake up call but doesn't mean that I'm skyrocketing right back to where I started. I don't weigh that anymore. I never will again. When I restarted this challenge I had to remind myself of that. I had put 3 kilos back on, I was disappointed in myself for doing so but I owned it. I didn't put 23 kilos back on. But if I hadn't have owned it I might have done. So I need to stop weighing myself and putting a 9 at the front instead of a 7.
The first photos are of this week and the second (with the green candle) are of last week.

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