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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Lost 0.2 kilos

 Soooo, nothing to report really this week. I've had a slow couple of weeks. I've only lost 0.2 kilos. I've had a shocker headache/migraine for most of the week. I still managed to go to the gym twice in that time, having medication then going straight after, but I haven't kept up my walks and since going to the doctors and hospital for my head I haven't done anything physical.

Such a bugger, I am really enjoying the gym. I have given myself until Sunday to rest. We are having a party on Saturday which I shall enjoy so we have a few things to do to get ready for that too. Once that is done and dusted I can get back to my fabulous transformation!

I have proved before that I didn't have to exercise to lose weight so I don't think it's my one missed gym session that has contributed to the low weight gain. I have had a couple of extras in my food this week. I have also been extremely constipated (sorry about that!) which obviously doesn't help. And I've been taking nurofen which retains weight. But I'm not stressing at all. I'm close to my goal weight so I'm going to slow down anyway. And I'm quite liking not being as obsessed with my weight as I once was. I have 2.4 kilos left to lose so if I hover around this weight I'm pretty happy with that. I'll be happier if I hover around my 75 kilo goal but it will come. I'm still eating sensibly, just not by the hard and fast rules anymore. So for example, yesterday I had a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch. For dinner though I had salt and pepper calamari (scraping around for what was in the freezer) which is crumbed. And cooked in the oven with a little oil to stop it from sticking. I added to this onion and mushroom cooked in a little oil. And the rest was salad - baby spinach, tomatoes, avocado, grated carrot.   So the oil and the crumb isn't in the guidelines of suggested meals but I'm at the stage now where I am testing the waters with my choices and in the 'real world' that's a pretty healthy meal I think.  And a yummy one too!

My photos don't look any different this week but as it's what I do then I'll do it. I'm expecting more toning soon, then I'll probably stop for a while as they will all be the same! Again, the one on the left, with the red candle is this week and the other one is last week.  I will of course share photos when I'm a bit more buff, and I'll share the news if I get selected to go to the finals in Fiji! So I'm thinking you'll have the pleasure of my company for a few more weeks, I'll keep writing til I get to goal. Then it's time to maintain and go it alone! I get so much support from people on the Rapid Loss forum, they're just so wonderful as they 'get' it and are going through it themselves. So I'll stay on there for my support but also to support others, to show that it can be done. I've lost nearly 30 kilos woo bloody hoo!

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