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Thursday, 1 October 2015

October 2nd. Still going down but struggling a little

I'm doing the blog on a Friday now, simply because when I reset my challenge so I could record my weekly weights. I didn't realise though that instead of it being a Monday or a Tuesday, it resets each week to a Saturday morning. I missed putting last week's photo on so to be in line with Rapid Loss I changed it. I was sort of glad as I didn't do that great last week, so it gave me a few extra days!

So, my results aren't all that bad, I've lost a kilo in 11 days. I think I have to remind myself that a) I don't have far to go so will slow down, and b) I am not eating back at the first stage and am having treats here and there, and c) in most weight loss programs, half a kilo a week is an excellent loss.

I felt very, very bloated last week so was kind of glad that I didn't do my photos. I don't know what the reason for that is. Men shut your ears here. As I don't have a period anymore, hormonally I have no bloody idea what is going on. So while others can say they bloat before or after their periods, or during, I don't have that so my fluctuating hormones could be due to other reasons. Or I was just bloated. Who the hell knows! I am limited to what veggies I can eat because being on warfarin means that you have to be careful of green leafy vegetables due to their vitamin k content. The alternative to avoiding them is having the same amount of them every night, so I'm thinking that as the weather gets better I shall start doing that. After 40 odd years of hating salad and many veggies, I now can't imagine going through summer without them, that's gotta be a good thing. This means that onions are on the menu a lot, meaning that the gases are working overtime. While I do enjoy farting (a lot) it may also mean that my gut is full of air! I'm also pretty constipated so I'm taking measures to help that along. I'm sure that doesn't help!

I have been keeping up my water intake for the most part, finding that pretty easy seeing as I can't drive. I did realise that I was back to 4 coffees a day and as caffeine retains water I bought some decaf and have slowly been going back to tea. I have noticed this has made a bit of a difference over the last couple of days. So, I am going in to each week as though it's a new one. It does help that I'm nearly there. It also helps that the bathers that I love so much already fit me so I know it's just a matter of toning up. The nice weather helps A LOT too, mentally and physically. I've been out painting fences and cleaning madly, something I'm not great at at the best of times. Some other things I've done well, that I must remind myself of are : Going to an Intimo demo and having nothing to eat at all, despite all the yummy goodies on offer. Going to lunch with the family who had chicken and chips and having a wholegrain roll with the chicken and salad. Coping with the school holidays and not having the lovely junkie snacks that the kids have. Saying no when the family had an indian feast, opting to stay away from the yummy smells as much as I could!

The big excitement is that I am rejoining our local gym. I was a member a couple of years ago, back when I was over 100 kilos. I planned on losing weight but I fluctuated back and forth as I tend to do when I'm not really 100% there. I did go to the gym lots however and grew to enjoy it. I'm pretty excited. I've never done both before. I've done exercise programs or I've done weight loss programs but not together. As I really want to succeed, not just in the weight loss competition, but in my weight loss journey, it will be great to put the 2 together. To lose weight and be fit, as a non drinker and non smoker, will be amazing. I'm 50 next year, what a fabulous way to go into my 50th, fitter than I've ever been in my life before.

OK the below pictures show you what I mean about the bloating. The candle in the background pictures are this week and the other one is the week before. I think I look bigger in this weeks than last weeks. That's ok though. There are weeks where I've lost bugger all yet looked different in the photos. This is a true reflection of what's going on. Similarly to the blog, when I decided to start going back on the rapid loss again I felt like a bit of a failure, even though I'd only put on a couple of kilos. Then I thought that if I don't own it, if I don't do something about it, I'll just go right back to where I was. It's the ridiculous shame that we put on ourselves that puts us in that situation. There's no shame in admitting that you've stuffed up slightly, that just makes us humans. And hiding in a corner shoving food in our gobs to combat that shame doesn't work. I went back on the rapid loss forum and, as I knew I would, got the support from the staff and other forum members. I feel more in control now. There's nothing worse than spiralling out of control, knowing you feel helpless but not sure what to do about it. I'm so glad I got back on to the program, mentally I feel great again!



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