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Sunday, 20 September 2015

September 21st 1.4 down to 80.7 kilos

Well I'm pretty pleased with my results this week. I know I'm not going to get big results like this all the time as I don't have that much to go, and I am not being as strict as I was when I first started on Rapid Loss so if I can lose .5 to 1 kilo each week I'll be happy. Hell they'll be some weeks where I'm sure I'll be happy just not to gain! I had a sort of day off this week. It was planned and I was happy with it. I went to a friend's house and we had some yummy toast with dips and some healthy muffins and slice. Then I had pizza for dinner. We do enjoy our pizza and I figure if I can reign myself in on the other things at the other times then I can see how I go. Really I'm on stage 3 rather than back to stage 1 so as I said I'm ok if I don't lose as fast as I did. The rest of the week I've been good, eating healthy meals for my 'other' meals that aren't shakes and drinking lots of water. As it's school holidays I figured I'd rope the kids in to taking the dogs for walks around the neighbourhood with me, we can walk through the local schools with them which are very close. I still can't drive so our nice dog walking park is too hard at the moment. And I do still have to take it easy somewhat, I know if I have overdone it I am pretty stuffed at the end of the day!

The beauty of my gorgeous new bathers is that they have sucky in panels, they also come up quite high, so depending on where they are in the photo it may look different anyway, if it's covering (or not covering) bumpy bits! Even the closeness of the camera makes a difference, I know that.  Just looking at them as they've uploaded, I'm pretty sure I wasn't pushing my gut out in the first week or positioned that differently so I do think there's a difference. It just shows that you can make a difference just but cutting out all the crap you eat for a week! Still, it's more of a record for me to see the difference, after several weeks. I've got lots of use out of my bathers this week, we spent a fun afternoon in the spa yesterday afternoon and it's so nice not to wear men's boardshorts and a big baggy t shirt!

So the first is from this week and the second from last week. I should have done something different in the photo to differentiate I guess but never mind, too late now! And just have to say, how ace does my cleavage look?!



  1. Well done Sarah, you are doing so incredibly well! Those bathers and cleavage will look amazing in Fiji!