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Monday, 25 May 2015

Week 3 after comp, 80.9 - 1.1 kilos down this week

No doubt as my weight is still going down I shall be starting each blog post with how excited I am! Especially this close to the end. I guess because I'm not going all the way down to the middle of my weight range, rather sticking at the top end, it will still be fairly consistent. When I went to weight watchers all those years ago I got down to 68 kilos which was so hard to maintain. That's when the disappointment hits; you can't stick to anything, you may as well eat anyway as you can't do it, all the shitty things we tell ourselves to confirm that we're not worth it, that we're not good enough to look good. Well I'm telling myself that's bullshit this time. And that being 68 kilos is ridiculous for a 48 1/2 year old woman (49 in 7 weeks actually but who's counting) who loves to enjoy her social life and her food. 75 kilos I shall be and I shall rock it. Skinny just isn't for me. It's not like I am planning to wear bikinis on my trip to Fiji anyway, thought the dresses have been getting shorter again!

The exciting thing also is that it only seems like yesterday when I was at this bridge between the big numbers. Last time it was between 90 and 89 and I was so excited to finally see myself in the 80s. Now it's the 70s I'm looking forward to, then I'm on the home stretch!

I had a bit of excitement on the weekend. Needing new bras thanks to my incredible shrinking frame, I decided I'd have another Intimo party before my operation. I'm sure I wont be feeling like one afterwards for a while. A friend can't come to the party, and as she's never had a fitting, we went off to my lovely consultant and friend's house Lois to fit her. While we were there I decided to check out my favourite part of my body and have a fitting too. My boobs haven't shrunk hardly at all! Where I was a 40FF before, I am now a 34F. Now I know I still have 6 kilos to go (5.9 actually) but I'm nearly there. Hopefully will be pretty much there by the time my party rolls around on the 15th of June. How bloody exciting. In case you hadn't realised in previous posts, I do love my boobs so I'm happy to keep them big.

I'm also excited because I wrote a little article for a fabulous website called Champagne Cartel, all about my tumour. They've published it so here's a link.

Now for the photos. This week is first. I put a painting I'd done years ago on the toilet, just for my cousin Kerry! It was made with real sand for the sand and I cut out an old pair of bathers to make it look like real bathers.



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