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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Week 1 after challenge 83 kilos

Well I've had a pretty slack week since finishing my challenge. I think it took me a lot to stay focussed for the last few weeks of the challenge with all of my medical issues but I not only wanted to for the competition but because I don't want to slip up and start going back into my old slacker ways. Finishing meant that I can now be accountable to myself only (and to those who read my blog) and I think that the willpower has to still be there, which I'm happy to say is. Last week, looking forward to Mother's Day eating on Sunday, I think I was slipping here and there though. I went to art class and for the first time partook in sweets there. I drank normal coffee more than once a day. I just did little things that aren't on the program, but it's all the little things that add up isn't it? I did have a bit of the 'oh well, I'm probably going to put on this week anyway with Mother's Day' mentality which is the first time in the whole 16 weeks so I was pretty disappointed in myself there. I haven't done anything majorly wrong, I'm just hoping that I don't lose my focus this close to the end. I'm happy to do the stage 3 experimenting with different combinations for dinner, but I don't want the treats to creep in to my daily routines again. I'm ok with once a week or on special occasions but the 'old' me was having them not just once a day but every bloody cuppa and snack. I feel confident enough to say that my awareness makes me not want to do this any more. As they say, if you want things to change, you need to change what you've always done.

Sunday was obviously the biggest slips but I don't mind that because I did say - way back at Easter - that Mother's Day was the day I wasn't going to watch what I ate at all. And you know what, I didn't really enjoy most of the treats. I asked the kids for a box of the new lindt salted caramel chocolate balls. Every year I get a box of the original red wrapped balls but these ones sounded yummy. We share the box and as I didn't want too much I shared it fairly evenly this time, ending up with just 4 balls which was perfect. I didn't enjoy them as much as the original ones though but that was good in a way, I had enough! I then had bacon and eggs. For some reason Paul thought he'd treat me with the fatty long bits of bacon along with the middle rashers that I would have liked. To me, even before rapid loss, 2 pieces of middle rashers is fine for a serve of bacon. But not for my husband. It's like a jenga game with bacon, let's see how many pieces you can pile up on top of the toast before it topples! As I'm not feeling great at the moment anyway, for the first fried thing in 4 months it wasn't as enjoyable as I'd hoped. Then we went to my inlaws for lunch where I ate quiche. This was lovely but I don't seem to have the appetite that I once had (which is a good thing), though I did finish it. Then, ridiculously so, I defiantly had not 1 but 2 tim tams, almost to make up for my not liking my chocolate balls! It was such a silly thing to do though I did enjoy dipping them in my coffee. We had Crust pizza for tea, Paul didn't want to share with me so I got a garlic prawn one. It was nice enough but they are quite pricey and I like our local pizzas more. I've heard amazing reviews about Crust from a few friends so maybe our local one just isn't that great. Don't get me wrong, I had a lovely day, and the kids were wonderful. I think because I'm not feeling well it was just disappointing that if I was going to be naughty I couldn't even enjoy it that much! AND I had the leftover pizza for lunch the next day which was actually even yummier. I can't waste a $19 pizza, especially with yummy big prawns on it.

Suffice to say I was surprised yesterday morning to weigh in and find I had still lost .2 of a kilo. I was anticipating up to a kilo gain and was prepared for this, getting back on track straight after. In fact I was so worried about it that I didn't bother weighing in each morning as I normally do because I thought I'd depress myself even more! So I guess I got lucky this week, maybe it will show next week. But I suppose also, other than Friday and Sunday I had no other sweet treats. I drank lots of water and I ate healthy meals for my other foods. So even though I cheated, it was a planned cheat if you know what I mean? Not a 'stuff it' treat.

So I'll still put my photos, though I looked so skinny in my full ones last week I can't see that I'll look better in these ones. Never mind though, I'm calling this week 1 again, after the challenge so if I look bigger I'll just consider that I'll keep getting smaller again from now on. And I've got until June the 24th until my operation now, 6 bloody weeks! I wont get my whole 8 kilos off but I'll get close. I'm not even going to pretend that I feel like I have to, I'm happy to lose the last lot slowly over winter and if I just make sure that I lose slowly, I'll concentrate on being prepared for my op. Have a great week everybody! First photo is this week, second is last week xx



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