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Monday, 18 May 2015

Week 2 after challenge. 82 kilos

Well I'm pleasantly surprised to find that I've lost another kilo. Excited in fact as last week's weigh in was actually on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, I sneakily gave myself another day because of Mother's Day. So in reality I've lost a kilo in 6 days. Seeing as I'm doing stage 3 properly now I'm pretty stoked with that. So, 23 kilos down, 7 kilos to go. I can't believe I'll soon be in the 70s!

I've been fairly constipated lately (sorry for the visual) due to the painkillers I'm taking for my headaches. I'm trying not to take them as often as I was but it's a catch 22, either having a dreadful headache or a dreadful gut-ache. At the moment I've scaled down to 1 strong painkiller instead of 2 and seeing how I go. My tummy is feeling a little better today so hopefully that's working. This does mean however that I am a little bloated.

I'm pleased with my week this week. I've had a few naughty treats but have been aware of what I am doing and not overdone it. I had sweet treats at art class on Friday but not a huge amount. And I took my youngest and her friend to the movies on Sunday and we had lunch there, they had chips and didn't eat them all so I had a few of them. Luckily for me they weren't that generous with them! I also had a choc-top. Both a first for over 4 months, I felt far too full and had a lie down afterwards! But I also had a shake for dinner to make sure I didn't blow the whole day. These are the main things I've got out of this whole experience. Getting back on track is imperative. And not denying what you've eaten. If you conveniently forget then it's easy to say you've been good all week and can have one treat. Forgetting that you've already had some. Also, not making it a free for all if you have strayed. I'm loving the freedom of stage 3, but also loving the new restrained me, the one that says I still have weight to lose and to get back on track. And water, water, water, that's the big one! Imagine what I would have lost if I hadn't strayed at all!

Here's the photos, this week first, then last week. I think I do look thinner actually. Please forgive the toilet duck in the foreground, it shows me which week is which as I'm not too good at putting the photos in order!


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