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Monday, 1 June 2015

Week 4 after competition ends, 80.4 kilos - 0.5 kilos lost this week

It's weekly weigh in time so I thought I'd continue on and pop my photos up. I've lost 0.5 kilos this week so pretty happy with that seeing as I've been pretty naughty this week.

I've realised a few things. One of them is that I must have eaten crap all the time before starting on rapid loss. I really was unconsciously filling my face with so many foods that weren't good for me. It's a battle to mentally have to say no as my desire to have these foods is still there to an extent. Often I don't want them but habit tells me that I do. Also, being on stage 3 is lovely, but it also means that a lot of the decisions are up to me. I like this as it gives me flexibility, but I have to not push the boundaries, just because I can have something doesn't mean that I should. It would be so easy to slip back in to my old ways but I know that would give me no control anymore, something that I am enjoying now. I also mean that I would put weight on again and I just don't think I could cope with that again. I WILL make this the last time I have to go through this struggle, and I have to accept that this means having to look at things and act differently from now on. I don't have to be an all or nothing person, I can have my treats but reign myself in. The old me wants to just pig out at times though but by George she won't win!

The challenge deadline has been extended for the competition so now people have until November to start the program. The end date was originally last week. People who started are allowed to have a second chance try. I guess we've all been there, thought we could do something and things have gotten in the way and it hasn't worked out the way we hoped. I do like that people who have done the challenge already, who have more to lose, can enter more than once. They are in the competition anyway and it really does give you the boost you need to keep going. Writing it on the contestant dashboard, you date and your current photo.  I'm a tad disappointed at the extension though. I've done things by the book and have been really proud of myself, I was looking forward to October 12th to find out if I would be in the finalists going to Fiji. I guess next year would be good though, I am turning 50 so it would be a great treat for myself!

I'm still waiting for my op. 3 weeks tomorrow.  I can't wait to have it over and done with. One of my best friends had a tumour removed 2 weeks ago and she's doing so well. I plan on having a similar outcome. I went to IKEA yesterday with some of the school mums which was lovely. I did have a big cooked breakfast but was a good girl afterwards, having the chicken salad for lunch, and a shake for dinner. Getting back on track really is the key. Oh and it was lovely, I got pushed around in a wheelchair, feeling like Lady Muck, it really is the only way to go!

Here's my photos for this week. It's funny, in the shower this morning I was already looking down and thinking how big my tummy looked. Then I look at it from the side in the mirror and it's really not. Funny how our minds tell us the shit stuff instead of the good stuff! Not sure how they'll look but let's see. I'll put the first week in too, just because it always makes me feel good! So, this week (with a surprise visitor, my daughter's cat - Dwight), last week and the first week.




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