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Monday, 4 May 2015

End of challenge! 83.2 kilos, meaning 21.8 kilos lost!

Woo bloody hoo! I made it! 16 weeks! I really can't believe it. I've started lots of things with great intentions and I don't seem to have many after photos. Especially with so much weight to lose. Before when I've started I've been at the weight I am at now. I started this at 105 kilos! I lost 1.1 kilos this week.

I was speaking with a friend yesterday who's contemplating doing the challenge too. I said to her, when you're bigger it's so scary, there is so much to lose and the thought of 'being on a diet' for so long with no differences apparent for such a long time is so overwhelming that it's just too hard. I kept thinking about how on a different weight loss plan, it would be about now that I might start to see some changes and I would have given up long ago. It's very disheartening to not only feel that crap about yourself, but to be working bloody hard and not seeing any results. That's what happens when for whatever reasons you put lots of weight on. It's an unending spiral of self hatred, feeling depressed because you're so overweight and feel so crappy, making you eat to stuff your feelings back inside. But hey, 4 months ago that's where I was. And I decided to do something about it and it feels great. I am really proud of myself, despite all of the obstacles I've had along the way I've maintained that it's me that has control of my weight, nobody else, and I've done it. Obviously I still have a bit to go, I still have 8 kilos to lose before getting to goal. But bloody hell, it feels great to say that I have 8 kilos to lose rather than 30! So if you're contemplating doing it, do it! I've put it all out there, more than I probably should have perhaps! But hopefully I've shown people that if I can do it, so can you. Of course I'll keep writing and keep losing but it's such a milestone today. With having my operation I didn't even know if I'd be able to finish my 16 week challenge. Now I have finished it, I can move on to the next challenge of getting this pain in the arse tumour taken out of my head. Wonder how much it weighs..........

Here's my photos, the whole bloody lot this time! Woohoo! (I must admit I did suck my tummy in just a little for the last side one. I ate late last night and I thought it looked even bigger. I didn't for the front one though and I think it still looks slimmer. Good to know I can now such it in a bit mind you!)



  1. Hi Sarah I am one of the people who are kin on weight issues. I followed you since I got to know about Rapid loss. Sue is not just helpful and a lady full of passion on what she does but a God sent to save us from early death. Sarah you are such an inspiration and now my spirit is rejuvenated to keep on going. Congratulations!

  2. oh wow what a lovely thing to say! Sue is wonderful isn't she, it's so important to have support from not only friends but fellow contestants and support people on your journey. Good luck with your journey, get on to the forum and join us on there, it's so beneficial. Thanks for writing! xx