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Friday, 22 May 2015

81.6 kilos

So far this week I've lost .4 of a kilo. Pretty happy with that, I'd be happy with a half a kilo a week now, or even maintaining. While I'm doing stage 3 I can make healthy food choices, it's really only dinner that is an issue. I have my weetbix in the morning and my shake as one meal, a healthy alternative as another. I had soup for lunch yesterday so when cooking the kids dinner last night just had a little bit of meat for some protein and a shake to tide me by.

I bought a lovely new dress this week. My friend was selling it on a buy/swap and sell site and I loved the look of it. As it was hers I was surprised that it fitted me but I really like how it looks. I'm really starting to notice the next stage in my weight loss now. My tummy can look flattish with my sucky in pants, my chin is no longer quadruple no matter what I do. I can't believe I only have 6 1/2 kilos to go to my goal, it's flown and dragged at the same time.

A new member joined the rapid loss forum yesterday and it was almost like reading a story about myself. Not her personal story, but her weight loss one. Having lost a lot of weight and getting loads of compliments she stalled before reaching goal. I am similar. In the past I would start a weight loss challenge at this weight. Now I think I look pretty good, but I know it's also in comparison to what I looked like at the beginning of the year. I also know I probably look much better at this weight than before because I've been eating really healthy to get down to here, rather than eating really crappy to get up to here! I want to finish, another thing to tick off the list. She also talked about how embarrassing it is to see people who had seen her lose weight the last time, thinking that they must be saying to themselves 'she put it all back on again.' I hear you sister. Aint gonna happen this time!

Speaking of lists, I was very excited to get my Dad's piano delivered yesterday. I have discovered my arty side in my 40s, doing art class which I love and writing my blogs. I've always wanted to learn the piano though. Dad had lessons in his 60s and I am starting mine on Tuesday! I can't wait. I have a very long bucket list, I know I wont be one of those people who never has anything to do because I'm always wanting to learn more. Learning to swim, and eventually to surf are on my list too. I feel that I am in such a good place to turn 50 next year, excited about what will come in my life and living my life to the full while I do it.

I am also having an article published on Monday for the lovely ladies at Champagne Cartel. They have a '10 things I know' column and I have written one for them regarding my benign brain tumour. They seem to like it and am interested in others when I get back on my feet. So another ambition ticked off!

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