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Monday, 2 May 2016

May the 3rd 2016

Well I'm in my third week of my 12 week body challenge at my local gym. It's a Pinnacle gym so I'm part of a facebook page for the challenge. I think I'm being a bit of a pain in the arse (not like me I know) posting whenever I'm there including photos. I think it stems back to the old me, the one who never exercised so had to announce it whenever I did.

I've gotten used to the exercises. I can do all of them. Except the assisted pull up. Here's a photo of me doing one. I don't get much further than this is! Which is nothing!

I did actually pull myself up somewhat but it absolutely killed my wrists. It's only one day in the week that we do these exercises. This morning was that day. I think next week I'll try and do them first. I also do a plank, pull ups on a barbell and a kettlebell swing in this workout which all use the arms. So maybe if I do it first it won't stress my wrists out too much. I wrote on the page asking about any alternatives and, of course, the lovely staff were more than happy to help, suggesting maybe my arms in different positions, or if I need to an alternative exercise. I really want to get over my fear and we only have one week of these ones left. I knew that would happen. I just start getting used to our workout and it goes and changes on me for the middle lot of exercises!

It's so weird that I'm really loving it. I've never liked exercise. I've been really good with my food the last couple of weeks too. Often I am one or the other. I'll be good at eating or good at exercising. I think it's because I get more hungry when I workout. I also find that if I have my shake in the morning I'm happy to have another at lunchtime. If I eat something else for breakfast then I'm scrambling around wondering what there is to eat. I've still had a couple of slip ups but they've really been planned ones. I did a course in the city on the weekend so I ate an egg and bacon wrap for lunch. But I didn't have snacks in between where I could have so I consider that a win. I think if I can be good snack wise, which is my downfall, then I'll be happy. I've gone down about half a kilo so I'm pretty happy to do it slowly and get fitter. When away for the weekend I missed going to the gym terribly! I went 4 days out of 5 last week as I knew I couldn't go on the weekend. I used to think 'great, I've been today, day off tomorrow,' now I think 'yes I can go again tomorrow,' and I do! I don't think I'll ever be fully obsessive about it all. I love my food too much. I figure though that if I can keep fit I can make the most of both worlds. I'm already done with day 2 of my 3 day workouts and it's only Tuesday! I'm feeling sensational!

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