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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Day 3 of the challenge

I feel exhausted! I just did day 3 of the 12 week challenge. It's bloody hard! I think each day concentrates on a different type of exercises. So day 1 was the legs which killed. I couldn't walk properly for days. Day 2 was arms and some of those I just couldn't do at all. For example the assisted chin up. You're standing on a bench with a big rubber band attached to a bar above you and you have to put your feet in the bottom of the rubber band and do chin ups. Once I got over my fear of falling off I kept jumping and having the rubber band fling back at me. Finally I got it and managed to move about a cm, both from lack of strength and fear! I'm going to get Eloise to film me so that I can see any progress I may make by the end! Lucky I've got her with me. She knows her exercises and she is acting as a sort of personal trainer while she does her workout too.

So... my legs were killing me after day 1. Then I did day 2 which made even more parts of me hurt. It is like when I first started at the gym, I couldn't get up (or sit down) from the toilet without it hurting and I am walking on jelly legs. And doing 3 different sets of exercises means that I'm not redoing the first lot and getting my body used to it. No, it's just hurting on top of hurting! But good hurting. I do have some stretches to do so I shall do them soon. Today being day 3 seems to be about making your chest hurt and your breath be pushed out so far that you can't barely breathe. I know that's not what they call them, I would say they are cardio type exercises, but that's how they feel. Step ups, sit ups, dead bug thingys, squats (4 x 40 seconds of most of these exercises) skipping (that's a pretty sight), inverted row thing where you pull yourself up on a bar (see photo) and something called a single leg bridge. But you know what, I bloody did them all! I'm stuffed and sweaty and sore but I feel really accomplished because I did it!

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