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Saturday, 14 May 2016

May the 15th 2016

I've just come home from the gym. I must admit I've become rather dedicated to going which I think is a nice way of saying obsessed!

Today marked my last day of the first 4 weeks of exercises. Eloise and I are doing the DIY plan of the 12 week body challenge at our local gym. There are 3 tiers to the program and we are doing the one where we get the exercises sent to us, plus guides for food plans and exercises. We're also part of the challenge page on facebook and a 'tribe' which is run by some lovely girls who look after those of us who aren't doing the personal training or any extras. We do things such as send our photos in to them, of us at the gym, of what we're eating, of who or what is our inspiration. I'm probably a bit of a pain in the bum as I check in most times I'm at the gym and send lots of photos!

So far what I've gotten out of my challenge is that I can actually do nearly everything! Not to the level that many others can do things, certainly not as graceful as others, but I can (almost) keep up and I'm determined to give it all a go. All three days are circuit types of activities. I go an average of 5 times a week now. I used to be stuffed if I did both Saturday and Sunday. Now, if there's a class on that I fancy I will go to that and still make sure that I get my 3 days of the program in too. I must say I am a bit ocd about it all. I hadn't done day 3 yet of the week 4. I did go to a body blitz class on Wednesday and I went yesterday without Eloise and did my old routine. So I squeezed it in today. The old me would have said that I had done plenty to make up for it, but I feel as though I have to do the required exercises set for me and each week I have.

The staff are so lovely. Both of the ladies who take the classes that I've done have been very patient and not yelly at all which I really appreciate. I'm definitely going to do the body blitz one again, also the hiit cardio one that I did the week before. I realise that both are similar to the days we are doing on the challenge. They are circuits, usually 5 or 6 exercises all up of short but intense bursts. I must admit I put my name down because they are only half an hour and for me that is manageable. I can see that eventually I will allow myself to believe that I can do more and maybe do an hour long class. But not just yet! The boys on the front desk, and the personal trainers are just lovely too, they are all so helpful.

Food wise I haven't been very good I must admit. I have been having my shakes and for the most part my snacking has been under control. Once I have something though it's as though I'm back to the old me and having a big binge, on cake and chocolate and whatever I can put my hands on. So this week I'm going shopping and being prepared. I can see that I need to have things ready so that I am able to grab something healthy rather than the treat that is in the cupboard. Also to be prepared for my dinners. What's the point of having shakes and fruit in the daytime if I undo it all at night with a meal that either doesn't have veggies or is high in carbs. The cold weather has meant that I want lots of pasta and warming things so it's time to make some healthy soups and get back to nice cuts of fish and chicken and not go for the easy options from the freezer. I feel silly but I know what I'm like, if I don't own it (publically) then I'll slip further and further up the weight ladder.

Some of you already know but I have had issues with my daughter Beth going to school lately. We've compromised at 3 days a week of school and getting geared up for her to start some sort of training program next year when she turns 18 in March. So, I've decided that she can come to gym with me once a week! She can have a session with the exercise physiologist. She has very low muscle tone and poor gross motor skills so I think it will do her the world of good. And, my inlaws are looking at starting in the seniors classes. One person at a time, I shall get my family moving!

Tomorrow is the start of the new exercises for the next 4 weeks. Wish me luck!

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