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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

May the 26th 2016

I just got back from gym. I feel like I'm going to die. But in a good way if you know what I mean?! We did our 4 weeks of 3 lots of exercises, now we're on to the second week of the middle lot of exercises.  I hadn't done day 3 of our program last week but I did do a class and a normal session so wasn't slacking off. I wasn't sure of some of the exercises so I had to wait until Eloise could come with me and we could do it together. There wasn't anything particularly hard, it was just exhausting!

I was lucky, Jade was getting ready to do a personal training session in the room that we were in so she showed me a different way of doing the resistance band assisted chin up. The one I've had lots of problems with. So I was exhausted before I even began our day 3 session as they weren't even in today's workout. It was good though, it made me feel as though I won't be wasting my time fluffing around and not being able to do them. Today's workout was a circuit 4 times around. Most things I had done before such as the ropes and lunges. I found other things challenging such as something called elbow to knee. I thought it would be lying on my back doing them but it is in fact like a plank and coordinating your body to touch the 2. I ended up doing just a plank, and a knee one at that! I was so bloody exhausted. So for me it was the hardest session ever. And for Eloise, well she loved it! She's such a sadist when it comes to me and exercise!

I was happy too as I had done a mid challenge body scan. I have lost nearly 3 kilos since doing the last one which was nearly 6 weeks ago. My muscle mass has improved as have other things that I don't really understand! All in all though, where the numbers are meant to go up they have and where they a meant to go down they have so I'm happy! I'll post a copy of the last scan and the one I did today on here.

As far as my rapid loss challenge is going I'm still enjoying being on the forum. I've made such lovely friends on there. I even had coffee with one of them - Peter - and his lovely wife Mel. Gee it was so nice to catch up with them, to put a face to the forum name. We're all doing a mini challenge and I'm feeling really focussed. It's funny, I can slip up and spiral for weeks but once I'm back on track for a few days I feel so much better again. I think that's the thing, remembering how good it feels to be there is the very reason that we should get back up when we slip up. And it's great to have the forum to go onto and talk to others in the same situation. Here's a copy of my scans, and a stunning picture of Eloise and I after this morning's session as we lay on the floor! The scan with 64 at the top of the right column is last time, the one with 67 is this time.

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