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Sunday, 13 September 2015

I'm baaaaack

Well after a rather long hiatus I've decided to finish what I started all those months ago. Rapid Loss has given us the opportunity to do more than one challenge in their competition time. While I don't think I need to enter as a full 16 week contestant (yay) I am doing so so that I can keep a record of where I am and how far I have to go.

For those who don't know it, I started at 105 kilos at the beginning of the year. I got down to approximately 80 kilos, give or take a kilo or 2. At about week 10 of my 16 week challenge it was discovered that I had a benign brain tumour. This was removed at the end of June. My challenge finished just before Mother's Day in May and I continued on until then, determined to be a good weight for my operation. For the most part I was good and when I had the operation I was around about 79 kilos. Since coming home I've done nothing! I've gotten back into my dreadful snacky eating habits and I've done no exercise. I had a good excuse for the exercise, my balance nerve was cut so I have had trouble in that department. I've also had (have) bad headaches from time to time. I still can't drive so food shopping has been a little out of my control so I decided not to stress, I would know when it was time to jump back on the wagon.

I have however rediscovered online shopping so am prepared for this week food wise. I have the added challenge of being on Warfarin, due to a clot after my operation, so I have had to tell my doctors about the Rapid Loss shakes as they have vitamin K in them which can muck around with the blood levels. I also can't eat green leafy veggies which have vitamin K in them so that puts a bit of a dampener on things as out of all the veggies, bok choy and baby spinach are my faves. Hopefully I wont be on it for much longer as it's nearly been 3 months now since the op and that was the approximate time.

I saw that The Biggest Loser was starting again and decided that it would be a good time to start. I watched it last night and I'll tell you what, it was so nice not to watch it feeling depressed because I was in a similar situation. Normally I start to watch it feeling almost smug because I'm not as big as them, then get depressed over the season because they get skinnier than me and I stay big! This time I watched, not feeling smug but feeling excited that as they reach their goals, I will reach mine!

It's hard not to be down on myself for putting weight on again but I think the thing to remember is that I haven't gone back to where I was. I weighed myself this morning and I am 82.1 kilos. So though I vowed that I wouldn't go back to above 80 and I have, I haven't gone back to 105 kilos, I haven't even gone back to the 90s. I have 7 kilos to go until I am at goal weight. I can do that easy peasy.

I have new bathers! I am so excited. I love Intimo, as my regular readers would know. I had a gorgeous set of underwear that I wore for my first lot of photos, for my first 16 week challenge. I was rapt, I love my boobs and, although they got smaller they didn't go that much smaller! So I wore the same underwear through the whole 25 kilo loss (as in the photos, not the whole time!) Intimo brought out new bathers this month though and I desperately wanted them so I had a demo last week and bought some. So I've decided that they will be my inspiration photos. They fit me now so I'm going into my second challenge with a different mindset. The last one I felt almost hopeless to start with, 30 kilos to lose was a big ask. I've nearly done that, 7 kilos will be fine and it's more about fitting into my bathers without as many lumps and bumps as there is now. I think they look good now, and the girls look great, but I did have a goal and I want to get there in style. And when I go to Fiji for the finalists trip for the Rapid Loss Challenge, I want to look smoking hot! So I am showing my week one /challenge two photos which are the aqua bathers, and this week I shall show my week one / challenge one photo next to it, if nothing else to show myself how far I've come. I'm very excited that the weather is nice and I am able to wear my summer clothes, they're just still a little snug. I even bought myself a strapless bra to really look nice in my strappy tops and dresses!

So here's this week's photos, and the very first week's too! I must say looking at them makes me feel positive and I just love my new bathers!



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